Who was the real winner at the Academy Awards? Samsung won at the Oscars


Samsung won at the OscarsYou probably watched the 86th Academy Awards today. You probably also saw the above photo, but from the phone’s perspective, which by the way is the most retweeted tweet of all time. And that phone that they took it with? A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which host Ellen DeGeneres used throughout the night; talk about product placement. While Ellen proudly paraded the phone about, usually quite non-discreetly, using it whenever prudent (or not), it did prove without a doubt that Samsung won at the Oscars, from an advertising perspective at the very least. You might have thought Samsung would be happy with having their device on stage all night, but that’s not all; Samsung also aired its very first advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S5 at the Oscars, which you can check out below:

 A simple ad, but it gets the point across, and on a night when millions tuned in to see “the biggest and the brightest”, that’s some killer advertising for their newest flagship smartphone, capping off a very Samsung night. In fact, Samsung didn’t just win at the Oscars; Samsung’s had their fingers in all kinds of globally televised events recently, for instance, like being the major sponsor for the Sochi Olympics, or featuring heavily at the NBA All-Star Weekend, and the list goes on.

While some people might hope that the Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t do as well as it traditionally does for whatever reason, Samsung has taken the steps it needs to dominate yet another year of sales by putting their name out again and again on the global stage, and you have to give credit where credit is due. Did you tune into the Oscars, and what did you think of Samsung’s presence there? Can you see Samsung repeating what they did with the Galaxy S4 with the Galaxy S5? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Source: engadget

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  • McHale72

    I’m not sure showing the world how awful and blurry your camera is is really a “win.”

    • Stephen Yuen

      Product placement is still product placement :) You’d be surprised how effective it is

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