NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD ControllerLooks like that render from yesterday was the real deal. Just a day after seeing a a possible render of NVIDIA‘s latest gaming hardware (and info about a possible controller), today we get a very detailed leak regarding what is expected to be called the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD ControllerLike the render we saw yesterday, the SHIELD Tablet looks a lot like the the Tegra Note 7 except that the SHIELD Tablet will instead be slightly larger at a Full HD 8-inches. Also different is the fact that the SHIELD Tablet will carry NVIDIA’s lauded Tegra K1 processor, which, with its 192 CUDA cores, can output some very un-mobile graphics. Rounding out the hardware of the SHIELD Tablet are 2GB RAM, 5MP cameras on the front and back, and come in 16GB Wi-Fi only or 32GB Wi-Fi + LTE models. The price for these variants will run you $299 and $399, which compared to other high powered tablets seem like pretty good prices.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD ControllerLike we suspected yesterday, the SHIELD Controller is going to be a bespoke wireless controller for the SHIELD Tablet. Instead of the standard Bluetooth connectivity, the SHIELD Controller will instead use Wi-Fi to connect to the Tablet, which will reduce any noticeable lag, however means it will only be usable with NVIDIA products. Interestingly, the controller itself also has a headphone jack and microphone which suggests it might be best used in a lounge room setting (Chromecast mirroring, anyone?) and looks similarly designed to the original SHIELD handheld. Most impressively, the SHIELD Controller is allegedly going to cost just $59, which makes a bundle of the high performing SHIELD Tablet paired with the SHIELD Controller a very affordable prospect.

What do you think about the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller? Are you enticed? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: VideoCardz via Droid-life