leather phoneYes, we know; the concept is for a Windows Phone. However, with the advent of flexible smartphones almost upon us, it’s increasingly interesting to visit concepts that we may well be seeing more of in the future. The leather phone concept pictured above was created by designer Jonas Daehnert and incorporates the flexible display technology that is so wonderfully elusive and marries it with a stitched leather casing that looks a lot more genuine than the faux leather that Samsung has become so fond of.

leather phoneMany of us wouldn’t mind a case made of leather, so why not make the whole phone out of the stuff? A leather phone would obviously have its benefits, including being durable and just as flexible as the display it encases. It’s definitely an intriguing concept, particularly when you think of what these more flexible devices will be made from, especially when it will need to provide at least the same level of flexibility as the display itself. Leather sure doesn’t seem like a bad choice.

leather phoneWould you consider a phone that is made of leather? What other material would you suggest for a flexible display phone? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Source: Phone Designer via Concept Phones