Rockstar Games is celebrating Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 10 year anniversary right now and that means it is sale time. It is hard to believe that GTA: San Andreas is 10 years old already. I remember standing in line the night before release at a GameStop, pretty sure it was a Gamestop, to pick it up for my Playstation 2. Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it? In celebration for the title Rockstar games is having a sale on the entire trilogy that is available for Android and iOS. Yes, there are more GTA games, Rockstar is calling it the trilogy because these are the only three GTA titles available for mobile.

Grand Theft Auto

The first two in the list are normally priced at $4.99, so you are saving $2.00 per title. San Andreas on the other hand is usually $6.99, so you are saving $3.00. I am sure some of you have some Google Opinion Rewards credit saved up for a rainy day purchase. It is raining here, so feel free to use that as an excuse. All three titles are discounted on iOS as well as in the Amazon app store for Kindle devices. It might also be important to note that all three also work with game controllers. ie. the Moga line Hit the links below after the video refresher trailer for San Adreas.

Play Store