AT&T made an announcement this morning that gives Go Phone users a bit more leeway with their pre-paid offerings. As of May 15th Go Phone customers on the $45 or $60 plan will instantly have their unused data allotments roll over as long as you pay for your next pre-paid month on time.

For instance, the $60 pre-paid plan offers 4GB of data a month. If you only use 2GB of data during the 30 day cycle, and you pay for the next month on time, then you will get the new 4GB plus the remaining 2GB, totaling 6GBs. The rollover data only carries for a 30 day cycle though.

The rollover ability won’t cost users anything to take advantage of nor will you have to sign up to gain the advantage. As of May 15th all new and existing accounts will be granted rollover data.

Source: AT&T