Angry Birds is getting a sequel – that’s right, none of the countless previous games like Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Transformers, or even Angry Birds Epic technically count as sequels. Angry Birds 2 is going to be the name of the sequel which is going to be released on July 30th for mobile platforms, but we actually know precious little about the sequel besides this teaser trailer released today:

I particularly like the caption in the video description “sooner or later, all parties get crashed…” Despite all the secrecy, we can probably assume that the age-old Angry Birds formula is going to form the foundation of Angry Birds 2 with a small amount of tweaking – but who knows, maybe Rovio has something up their sleeves. For those interested, you should probably keep tabs on the Angry Birds 2 website here. Or you know, we’ll tell you when it’s out.

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Source: VG247