While a lot of 4 letter words are deemed as swear words, there is one 4 letter word that makes everyone jump with joy, FREE. Amazon has had a fairly decent track record over the years of offering free apps to users fairly regularly. Prior to the current Amazon Underground program that routinely offers up a slew of ‘actually free’ games and apps, the company used to have a free app of the day. Mixed in periodically was a crazy sales day where a huge number of apps were all free for a limited time. While the collection found in the Amazon Underground usually produces a number of great titles, a fairly good sale starting today is locking you into $70 worth of games and apps for free.

The list brings in titles like Lego Star Wars Microfighters, Splash Top Remote, Doodle Devil, Doodle God and others. The sale is for a limited time, which Amazon lists as October 31st. So, if you are needed of a few more games, a remote desktop service or photo editor, bounce on over to the Amazon App Store and start snagging the free titles you desire before they are gone. Direct yourself over to the Amazon App Store to start snagging these deals.

Via Amazon