If there’s one publisher who’s keen to keep making money from prior successes, it’s Square Enix. Slowly, but steadily, the games publisher has been bringing its iconic library of older video games to mobile (at decidedly premium prices) and its next port of call is putting Final Fantasy IX on Android. The Final Fantasy franchise has fallen on hard times more recently, but Final Fantasy IX was released at the height of the franchise’s heyday. Featuring an emotive story, loveable characters and a familiar Japanese role-playing game format, Final Fantasy IX is widely accepted as one of the best Final Fantasy games.

We don’t actually know a solid release date (Square Enix just says “Coming Soon”) but we’ll be sure to share information as soon as we get it. Square Enix says that to play Final Fantasy IX, you’ll need a device with Android 4.1 or higher, so if you’re a lifelong fan of the game and that’s not you, it might be time to upgrade your dinosaur of a smartphone. Final Fantasy XI will also be launching on iOS and PC at the same time.

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Source: Square Enix via Droid-life