Anyone who knows anything about mobile communications will know the impact that the Motorola brand name has had on the industry – like pioneering the industry, for starters. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time for “Motorola” to retreat to the sidelines.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the background of Motorola’s more recent movements, the company was most recently sold by Google and snapped up by Lenovo. Lenovo has since entrusted Motorola with all its mobile operations, but while Motorola will still exist as a company within Lenovo, its brand name is being retired. Don’t get too emotional though, as some Motorola branding will remain on future smartphones – namely the “Moto” naming and the Motorola ‘batwing’ logo on the back of their devices. As Motorola COO Rick Osterloh puts it:

“We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto.”

The Moto name is going to live on as Lenovo’s premium-to-mid range smartphones, whereas Lenovo’s pre-existing Vibe brand will continue to be the company’s low-end offering. For everyday users, you’ll only really notice that instead of Motorola being emblazoned on devices, you’ll be seeing Lenovo. But for those who still remember what “Motorola” stands for, take a moment to remember what that brand name has meant to you.

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Source: CNET via engadget

  • FILA

    So long Moto :-(