A few days ago, we heard about two rumoured HTC Nexus devices that would be released this year. It was unclear which Nexus devices exactly they would be, but we postulated it would be a tablet and smartphone given HTC’s track record. The rumour’s validity has gotten a significant boost thanks to HTC leaker LlabTooFeR who has confirmed he knows about two HTC Nexus devices and even knows the codenames for both of them. The tweet came out yesterday, and suggests that the devices are codenamed the “T50” and “T55”.

It’s pretty much impossible to infer anything from these codenames except that they are indeed HTC codenames – the HTC One Max was codenamed the “T6” after all. It should be noted that it’s early days still and it’s possible that HTC may not even end up making any Nexus devices this year. Having said that, it makes a lot of sense to have HTC make at least one Nexus device this year given its successes in the past with the Nexus 9 and HTC Nexus One.

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Source: Twitter via XDA