Shield Tablet Lollipop

NVIDIA starts rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Shield Tablet LTE

When some think about Thanksgiving they think about food, beverages and family that they probably can’t stand but are forced to spend time with. There are those rare families that genuinely do like each other, but more often than...
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Android Lollipop for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5

Android Lollipop for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 makes an early, unofficial appearance

We’ve had several looks at leaked software for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but users have been left high and dry in terms of builds that can be flashed to their own devices. Well, the teasing might be over, for a few users at least, as Android...
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Moto X Cyber Monday

Motorola Cyber Monday nets you $140 off a Moto X 2nd Gen, Moto E for $9.99 and more

Motorola is gearing up for Cyber Monday and is giving us all a moth watering deal to look forward to snagging. On December 1st would be purchasers of the Moto X 2nd Gen will be able to pick one up off contract from Motorola for $359. That...
TRNDlabs touchscreen gloves

[Deal Alert] Stock the tech lovers stocking with these Touchscreen Compatible Gloves

Winter is my least favorite time of year. While I love the cold, the snow and the fun that can be had in it, I hate traveling in it and I hate having to take my gloves off to use my phone. There are a number of touchscreen compatible glove...
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Republic Wireless Moto X 2ng Gen

Republic Wireless to bring the 2nd Gen Moto X to consumers December 10th

Just in time for the holidays the MVNO carrier, Republic Wireless, will be bringing the Moto X 2nd Gen to consumers. Republic Wireless has a solid working relationship with Motorola as all their device offerings span the Moto X , Moto...
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Pinterest updates with Material Design visuals and speed improvements

Hey all you pinners out there, Pinterest has pushed an update out for its app today. The update moves the app to version 4.0 and with it comes a visual refresher that brings the Material Design guidelines to the social app that make it...
Chromecast Apps

Comedy Central, Encore Play, TuneIn and 4 others apps gain Chromecast support

Google’s $35 Chromecast, often less, media dongle has certainly been picking up more and more content provider support over the last few months. Just 2 weeks ago Starz Play, Showtime Anytime, UFC.TV and a handful of family friendly...
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qualcomm snapdragon 810

Wallets ready: Take a look at the first smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor

The time for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is nigh with Qualcomm announcing its latest Mobile Development Platform Smartphone. The device will be used as a development reference tool to show how a device with the all-new processor should...
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TouchWiz themes

Could Samsung be cooking up TouchWiz themes for a future release?

It’s probably a fair statement to say that Samsung‘s TouchWiz UI polarizes the Android community. Some love it, some don’t, but one thing is for sure: it doesn’t look like Samsung is getting rid of it any time soon....
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Moto X 2nd Gen Motorola

Motorola is rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for Verizon Moto X 2014

Well now, this is certainly an interesting bit of news. Verizon is one of the most notorious carriers when it comes to updates for devices. Often times their flagship devices don’t see software updates tot he latest Android OS offering...
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48 music accessory sale

Motorola 50% Music Accessory Sale Happening Now

Black Friday is fast approaching, but that isn’t stopping many retailers and online stores from starting sales a week early. Motorola is jumping in on the sale festivities for the next 48 hours. The sale pertains to everything that...
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