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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land will be a mobile exclusive game based on the TV Show

Games set in the world of The Walking Dead have been few and far between, and more often than not settle in the category of award winning, a la The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, or downright awful *cough* The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct *cough*. The Walking Dead: No Man’s...
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Google Play Store 4.9.13

Google Play Store 4.9.13 brings that Material Design feel to your Device [APK Download]

Ever since Google announced its new Material Design UI overhaul at Google I/O last month, we’ve been eagerly awaiting updates to each of Google’s core apps. We’ve had sneak peeks at what the change might mean for the Google Play Store, but Google UI engineer, Kirill...
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War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Gaijin Entertainment announces War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Do you remember that leak we got a few days ago regarding the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller? Well, it looks like it has been indirectly confirmed as Gaijin Entertainment has announced War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. This will allow SHIELD Tablet players to play the...
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xiaomi mi4

Xiaomi announces the Xiaomi Mi4, the self-proclaimed fastest smartphone in the World

Xiaomi is the rockstar among Android manufacturers in the Asia region, commanding a formidable, almost religious, following of fans. We’ve all heard stories about how Xiaomi’s marketing tactics sell phones faster than hotcakes, and their latest phone should do the same, especially...
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thl t11

The THL T11 is a budget smartphone with an octacore processor and lots More

The mid range market is a hotly contested one with many manufacturers offering their own take on what they believe is the finest definition of the category. The THL T11 is one such device, and it has an attractive price tag to match. Powered by MediaTek‘s octacore processor which...
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htc smartwatch

HTC smartwatch makes cameo in a behind-the-scenes design Video

HTC has allegedly been working on a smartwatch for some time now, and with the release of Android Wear, the rumour mill is inevitably turning again. A supposed render of the HTC smartwatch was leaked out last week by @evleaks, though we remained cautious of it, however it appears a leak...
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Motorola Moto G2

The Motorola Moto G2 allegedly gets spotted, will bring even more value for even less Money

The Motorola Moto G was one of the surprise standouts from the end of last year, and still stands as a monument to great value in the budget Android marketplace. We assumed that Motorola would want to ride that momentum in the budget market with a follow-up device, and sure enough, a...
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L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch from GearBest

[Review] L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch from GearBest: What do you get from a $30 wearable device?

The wearable device market is currently booming, and there’s no shortage of options depending on what you want from your wearable. Smartwatches are a particularly hard fought battleground with the essential formula of smartwatches still up for interpretation. If you want a smartwatch...
Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

At loggerheads: Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

Over the last few months, we’ve heard plenty of reports that Samsung has started to comply with Google guidelines more at Google’s request. Things like TouchWiz customization and Samsung Apps have been tuned down a lot since then, so you might have been forgiven for thinking...
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Denon Music Maniac AH-C50MA In-Ear Headphones Review

Denon Music Maniac AH-C50MA In-Ear Headphones Review: Cheap, but definitely not Nasty

If you have read any of my audio product reviews, you will know that I am not a huge fan of in-ear headphones. More than just the tight fit most earphones need to stay in your ears, I find that having the speaker so close to your ear is a recipe for trouble, often leaving my ears sore...
NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller

Hello there: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller get a thorough leak, prices and All

Looks like that render from yesterday was the real deal. Just a day after seeing a a possible render of NVIDIA‘s latest gaming hardware (and info about a possible controller), today we get a very detailed leak regarding what is expected to be called the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and...
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