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Android Lollipop for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5

Android Lollipop for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 makes an early, unofficial appearance

We’ve had several looks at leaked software for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but users have been left high and dry in terms of builds that can be flashed to their own devices. Well, the teasing might be over, for a few users at least, as Android...
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qualcomm snapdragon 810

Wallets ready: Take a look at the first smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor

The time for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is nigh with Qualcomm announcing its latest Mobile Development Platform Smartphone. The device will be used as a development reference tool to show how a device with the all-new processor should...
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TouchWiz themes

Could Samsung be cooking up TouchWiz themes for a future release?

It’s probably a fair statement to say that Samsung‘s TouchWiz UI polarizes the Android community. Some love it, some don’t, but one thing is for sure: it doesn’t look like Samsung is getting rid of it any time soon....
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Sony Xperia Z4

Sony rumoured to be announcing 5.4-inch Sony Xperia Z4 alongside 5.9-inch Z4 Ultra

Sony appears to be steaming ahead with its bi-annual flagship device releases with the latest leak seemingly confirming that its next flagship, presumably called the Sony Xperia Z4, will be announced at CES 2015 in January. What’s...
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Personnel reshuffle at Samsung

Personnel reshuffle at Samsung could go all the way to the top

You may have heard over the last few months that tech giant Samsung hasn’t been doing too well in the mobile business. Obviously it’s still a force to be reckoned with, far and away the largest mobile manufacturer apart from...
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Kairos T-Band

The Kairos T-Band might be the coolest way to create an analog watch with smartwatch features

You may recall that about 6 months ago, we covered what is arguably one of the sexiest and functional smartwatches to be unveiled, the Kairos Mechanical Smart Watch Hybrid – simply, it combined the longevity of an analog watch with...
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TED app for Android

Chromecast support comes to TED app for Android

TED talks have become one of the world’s most popular intellectual mediums and their library of video and audio clips spans some 1,700 items. While you can watch a lot of their videos on YouTube, the best place to find the latest...
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Google Apps Update

Google Apps Update Roundup: YouTube, Play Music, Play Services and more updated with new goodies

Yes, I know the logo above isn’t technically for the same apps we’re talking about, but it seemed appropriate anyway. Another week is now over and as always, there was a big Google apps update on Wednesday (Thursday for some)...
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Text Neck

Overuse of your smartphone could give you a spinal condition, “Text Neck”

“Don’t sit so close to the TV”. “Stop looking at the screen or you’re eyes will become square”. These are things that you’ve likely heard before regarding the misuse of technology in our time,...
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AT&T Nexus 6

AT&T Nexus 6 having to be sent back due to “incorrect software”

While we aren’t exactly fans of the hastily crammed on AT&T logo on the AT&T Nexus 6, a genuine malady has befallen the device after it was reported that all AT&T stores have been requested to return their Nexus 6‘s...
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nexus 6 has a RGB notification LED

The Nexus 6 has a RGB notification LED that is disabled out of the box

The Nexus 6 is a device that shouldn’t have too many surprises left up its sleeve, but there is one thing that has been revealed that we didn’t know about before. It appears that the Nexus 6 has a RGB notification LED that...
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