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Dropbox Pro gets better plus offers 1TB now for $9.99 a month

There are plenty of cloud storage options out there for users to choose from like MediaFire, Google Drive, Copy and Dropbox. While many of you have a few of them, others only use one or two. Today Dropbox might catch your eye again, or still, as they have added a few things to the Pro...
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HTC One M8 Front Angle

Android 4.4.3 update rolling out for AT&T HTC One M8 owners

Looks like there is an update headed to your HTC One M8 if you are using a AT&T branded version of the device. The firmware version coming down the pipeline is reportedly 2.23.502.3. It brings a long a number of security fixes and optimizations for your beloved M8. While you won’t...
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John Legere Music Freedom T-Mobile

Music Freedom campaign from T-Mobile gaining 6 more services, Google Music coming

Back in June T-Mobile made a fairly awesome move that gave customers a break from their data consumption by letting you stream certain services without touching your data allotments. Sure, there were a few stipulations, like being on a plan that let you do it. Still, if streaming music...
ASUS ZenWatch Side view

ASUS smartwatch will be called the ZenWatch as depicted in recent video

ASUS has pushed out a number of teasers for their upcoming smartwatch that will be unveiled officially September 3rd at IFA in Berlin. The new addition from ASUS will be their first Android Wear powered watch, and hopefully not the last. As usual, ASUS has released a series of teaser...
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Imoport Google+ videos

You can now import your Google+ videos to your YouTube Channel

Recently we heard that Google was working to make it possible for users to import their Google+ shared videos to their YouTube channels. The process is now officially available for those of you who want to get it started.   The whole process is pretty simple, as the little...
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T-Mobile will ‘Double your data’ when you add a tablet starting September 3rd

Oh look, more outstanding news from T-Mobile. Just a bit ago we told you about the new Family Plan offerings that let you put up to 10 lines on one account for just $10 per line. They also made sure to point out that they are keeping the data as a per-line basis rather than silly share...
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T-Mobile continues the Uncarrier push with new 10 line Family Plan ews

Yesterday T-Mobile announced that they were offering 2GB of 4G LTE data for the Simple Starter customers for just $5 more a month starting September 3rd. Today T-mobile has made another announcement, this time centered around their Family Plan offerings. Starting tomorrow, August 27th,...
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Chromecast Apps

NPR One and WatchABC toss in Chromecast streaming Support

The $35 media stick from Google, the Chromecast, keeps gaining more and more supported apps. In the beginning it was pretty easy to keep up with them all. After Google released the API and SDK to the developer world, the number of apps that take advantage of the media has grown steadily....
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Twitch.TV logo

Amazon confirms purchase of Twitch.TV to the tune of $970 Million

Earlier in the day there were rumors and internet banter that Amazon was going to be buying Twitch.TV. Originally it had been rumored that Google was in negotiation to pick up the game streaming service and word that Amazon might be doing so ruffled some feathers. Later in the afternoon...
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LG G3 Stylus Full

LG G3 Stylus is official! Don’t get too excited Though

Looks like LG decided it was time to take the wraps off the LG G3 Stylus, and I don’t mean just a stylus for your current G3. No, I mean a totally new device. As the name would suggest, it does offer the wondrous stylus pen and carry the G3 flagship name scheme. Much like the...
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T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile Simple Starter plans to get 4X the data for just $5 a month

Watching the cellular industry duke it out for phones, data plans and general plans is sort of fun. The changes that one company makes often trickles over to another in some fashion that generally is better for the consumer. Sometimes it is all in the wording and the marketing of a new...
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