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HTC One Remix Verizon

Verizon set to launch the HTC One Remix July 24th

Back in May of this year Evleaks tipped out a device name, the HTC One Remix. Nothing about it seemed like it would be impossible or implausible. We saw the name and the device get a few leaks here and there, but didn’t pay it much mind until today. Why today? Simple, Verizon has...
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Modern Combat 5 Blackout Gameloft

Modern Combat 5: Blackout launches in the Play Store ditches IAP’s Thankfully

Gameloft‘s highly anticipated first person shooter Modern Combat 5: Blackout has made its debut on the Play Store today. Unlike its predecessor MC5 is back to a regular ‘purchase it and be done’ style of game. Meaning you won’t be dropping cash on the game just...
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NBA Jam Android

Summer sales continue with NBA Jam, Dead Space, King of Fighters ’97 and More

Tis the season for summer sale savings apparently. A whole host of games and apps showed up on sale yesterday such as Terraria, Worms 3 and a couple Final Fantasy games. Today a slew of other apps have been listed on sale that you might want to grab while you have the chance. We have...

Terraria, Worms 3, Zombies, Run!, Final Fantasy and Runtastic apps all on Sale

Still haven’t zeroed out your Google Opinion Rewards credits yet? Maybe you are just a glutton for punishment and can’t pass up a good deal. Well, if you are on the hunt to save a little and spend some hard-earned green backs, there are a number of apps on sale today that...
Digital Tattoo Moto X

Digital Tattoos to unlock your Moto X? Yeah, it is Real

At Google I/O they announced the upcoming Android L update. Inside L there were some cool new unlock abilities that would let your device bypass any pins or patterns, they called it Personal Unlocking. The device will use locations that you designate, Bluetooth devices that you connect...
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Asus Transformer Pad TF701T

Android 4.4.2 update heading to the Asus Transformer Pad TF701T

I can remember a time when we all talked about and wanted an Asus Transformer Pad. It was an Android tablet, with a detachable keyboard, that made its self into a laptop. It was pretty amazing when Asus first put them out. Now the line has come down a notch and other OEM’s have...
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HTC Sense Keybaord

HTC Sense keyboard released to the Play Store

HTC is slowly working to follow Google, Sony, Motorola and others by pulling out some of their specific apps and loading them to the Play Store. The newest addition is the HTC Sense keyboard. With every app that OEM’s pull from their deeply embedded custom skins the better for owners...
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Privacy Mode under testing by Netflix, may or may not become a Feature

One might think the a “privacy mode” would be a dirty thing. Maybe Netflix is gearing up for a new adult content section that is password protected and blocked from others seeing what you have been watching. That is not the case. However, Netflix is working on a “privacy...
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Modern Combat 5 Gameloft

Pirate hacks Modern Combat 5 and releases it to the world, Gameloft is not Pleased

Gameloft has been showcasing and ramping up the world for the release of the next Modern Combat installment that is slated for a July 24th push, Modern Combat 5. In a recent contest that the company hosted winners were offered a free copy of the new first-person shooter as a prize. Sadly,...
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In App Purchase

In-App Purchase apps will ditch ‘Free’ labeling in Europe Soon

I am sure more than a handful of you have snagged a ‘Free’ app only to later find that to really play the game, or use the application, you would need to pay through in-app purchases. Google made changes to the Play Store not to long ago that requires the listing to to state...
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ZTE Blade Vec 4G

ZTE drops custom home app in favor of Google Now Launcher (GEL)

Custom home launchers, or skins, on OEM devices are sometimes the bane of an Android users existence. Some are undoubtedly better than others, like HTC’s Sense for instance has dramatically improved over the years while Samsung’s TouchWiz is still probably the most hated one...
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