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What the ‘Bleep’; Private and secure voice and text app goes to public Alpha from BitTorrent

Privacy concerns are probably at an all time high as of late. While it was probably always in the back of your mind that someone, somewhere, was somehow watching, listening and stealing all your stuff, it doesn’t always seem real until it makes the news. The efforts of a number...
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HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition

HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition tablet now available for $250

HP has released a new slate recently with one of the longest device names I can recall, the HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition. The name says it all. It is a 7-inch tablet by HP with Beats audio integrated, and prominently displayed on the front. The special edition tablet is a clear refresh...
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Soda Drinker Pro

Soda Drinker Pro brings augmented soda drinking to Google Cardboard and the Humble Mobile Bundle 7

Many of you are aware that the Humble Mobile Bundle 7 is well underway. If not, then you are missing out on a chance to grab The Tiny Bang Story, Color Zen Premium and Heroes of Loot for any donation amount you see fit to offer. It wouldn’t be Humble Bundle without a minimum purchase...
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Alien Creep

[New Game] Alien Creeps TD a tower defense alien killing machine

Looking for a new tower defense game to kill the long work hours of Wednesday? Outplay Entertainment Ltd just released a new one that looks pretty good called Alien Creeps TD. The title gives the gist of the game. It is a tower defense game that pits you against an age old alien invasion...
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Wireless charging for Chromebooks? It could be on its way

Wireless charging for out tablets and smartphones is always a topic that people love to explore. You have the more standard Qi and Rezence platforms that have been implemented and used on a variety of devices. Some have the compatibility built-in, while others have become wireless charging...
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Booq Shock

Booq announces the Taipan Shock, another professional’s ‘on-the-go’ bag

I have this seemingly odd affinity toward bags. There are just so many uses for a good bag that not only looks good, but also offers up plenty of pockets, zippers and pouches to keep things organized. The tech junkie in my needs a lot of organizational additions. No one likes to dig through...
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Republic Wireless Moto E

Republic Wireless picking up the Moto E in October, yours for $99

Republic Wireless combines the power of Wi-Fi calling with Sprint’s 3G network to bring what they call hybrid calling to consumers. The company has started off pretty strong with the original Moto X which was followed up by the even more affordable Moto G. Sticking with Motorola,...
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T-Mobile announces the ZTE ZMAX; An ultra affordable 5.7-inch Android device

Looking for a big screen on a small budget? T-Mobile has you covered with the announcement of the latest device headed to the unpredictable carrier. The ZTE ZMAX will be headed to magenta next week with some interesting specs and price tag. The ZMAX manages to pull down a 5.7-inch screen...
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Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash is a new $50 full featured fitness and sleep tracker wearable

The first Misfit wearable was the Misfit Shine. It is a small little puck like device that resides in a rubber strap for your wrist. Misfit also had a small clip, a necklace and even a pair of socks for you to place the puck inside to help you track your walking and such. We had a set...
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Ingress logo

Niantic Labs releases tutorial video for first time Ingress Players

Do you Ingress? Is that even the term? I have no idea. What I do know though is that many miles have been traversed, many portals have been created, hijacked and the opposing factions have had some interesting battles. All in good fun of course. Heck, we have even seen a number of screenshots...
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Google Slides Docs Sheets apk download

Bug fixes, Performance Improvements and Icon Changes in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides [APK Download]

Google is pushing out a few updates today for a couple of apps. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are all receiving some sort of update.  All three apps are being listed with bug fixes and performance improvements. While Google Sheets gets a small addition of being able to add and edit...
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