NES30 Bluetooth controller for iOS and Android

[Deal Alert] NES30 Bluetooth Controller, so full of nostalgia for $30

The Nintendo Entertainment System is the king of consoles. Many say it is the home console that started it all. While there were others before it, Nintendo took the NES and made it a household name. I used to have two, but sadly they got hijacked during a series of moves after high school....
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HTC Double Exposure

Waterproof camera rumored to be in the works from HTC

The technology space is an ever-growing monster. A manufacturer with a single product, or niche market if you will, can do pretty well, but expanding a product line and diving into new areas can pay off big. Samsung is in the electronics business so them branching out with different things...
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Wi-Fi calling coming to AT&T, just not until 2015

T-Mobile won’t be the only carrier with Wi-Fi calling, AT&T is committing to bringing it to their customers as well. It just won’t become a reality until sometime in 2015. Ralph De La Vega, president and CEO of AT&T’s new Mobile and Business Solutions group...
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Play Music All Access APK download

Small update for Google Play Music brings back public playlist search for All Access [APK Download]

  Google has let loose a small update to Google Play Music this morning that adds back the ability to search for playlists in All Access. The file size for the app also shrunk just a touch, with the previous version weighing in at 8.49MBs and the latest update coming in at...
Google Cloud Platform

$100K in Google Cloud Platform credit being given to eligible start-ups by Google

Google has announced a new program today at the Google for Entrepreneurs Global Partner Summit that will undoubtedly help start-ups get off the ground a little quicker. The program aims to help early stage start-ups take advantage of the cloud and quickly scale their ideas without going...
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Dragon Quest

Square Enix brings the original Dragon Quest to Android

The original Dragon Quest that started the franchise has been delivered to the Android world today. You might have more fond memories of what it was originally titled in the states, Dragon Warrior. No matter which name you know it is as, it is a classic that devoured many hours back...
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HTC Sense 6 Lockcreen 2

HTC continues to shift apps to Play Store with HTC Lock Screen

I want to say Google was the one who first started to pull out system apps and putting them to the Play Store. I am probably wrong on that front, but it has been a long time. Manufacturers have been slowly, but surely, bringing core apps out of the main OS and placing them on the Play...
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Android apps on Chome OS

Google brings Android apps to Chrome OS, starts off slow

At Google I/O the Android and Google community were in awe at Google’s plans for the future. We saw Android L, Material Design, screen mirroring for Chromecast, Android TV and Android Auto. Something else that came out of the Google I/O conference was the long-awaited hope and dream...
Android Update

Sony bids adiós to future updates for the Xperia L, M, C and SP

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” The above line is just a hint about the news we want to present to you i.e.: Sony has reached the end on updating the Xperia L, M, C, and SP. The end to software update is indeed a bad news, We simply...

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice! OnePlus One Welcomes the iPhone 6! – ManDroid Daily

Happy Hump Day Android friends. The Daily is here. Google Hangouts finally gets its Google Voice integration. A lot of us out there are happy about that. The OnePlus One guys are still treating their marketing with slight stupidity, but at least they’re trying to be different....
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6 ZenFones or 1 Apple

ASUS asks: Would you prefer 6 ZenFones or 1 Apple?

It looks like everybody in the smartphone industry is having a go at Apple‘s new iPhone announcements. ASUS‘ attempt is a pretty good one, claiming that you can get 6 ZenFones – shaped in a 6, of course – for the price of one “Apple”, presumably referring...
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