Rumored New Google App Icons Get the Leak Treatment

There is a rumor floating around the community that Google will be updating their Google app icons for the next version of Android. I would say it is about time for an icon overhaul, and luckily we get a little preview of what these icons will look like. Project Moonshine seems...
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First Citizens Bank

First Citizens Bank Brings Free Cellphone Protection for Paying Your Cell Bill

This is rather interesting little nugget of information that landed in our inbox today. If you use  First Citizens Bank and have a credit card through them, you are probably eligible for device protection at no charge. Those bankers that hold a personal Visa credit card from First...
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HTC One M7

Original HTC One (M7) Will See Sense 6 Update in May

One thing that tends to cross a lot of our minds when a new device is announced and launched, is what will happen to the previous model. In this case we are talking about the original HTC One (M7). While there are plenty out there that don’t really care because they root and run...
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AllCast update Beta Google Drive

Latest AllCast Update Brings in Beta Casting from Google Drive

Everyone with a Chromecast now a days should have AllCast from ClockworkMod (Koushik Dutta) . The application was released back in December and has consistently been gaining more and more functions and features since its release. It seems like every couple of days there is another update...
MEElectronics EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones Review

MEElectronics EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones Review: the perfect companion for the EDM-Oriented

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, has really taken off in recent years with multiple large-scale music events every year in cities all over the world to share and celebrate this movement of music. As you can imagine, the average EDM listener is going to prefer a very specific sound when...
dab icon pack review

Dab Icon Pack Review: adds just a dab of beautiful to your Icons

Our good friend Joshua Masih has just released his next icon pack, the Dab icon pack, and like his other icons that we’ve looked at, they are a thing of beauty. We took a look at Joshua’s previous set of icons, Faint (see that review here), though he’s taken Dab in a...
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next Nexus phone won't be made by LG

[OP-ED] Why I think it’s likely the next Nexus phone won’t be made by LG

For the last two years, we’ve all be witness to two of the best value smartphones the Android world has ever seen, the Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5. Both were amicably manufactured by LG, though it’s not quite clear how the financials were divided up between Google and...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 drop test

Cringe: Extreme Samsung Galaxy S5 drop test shows it’s one tough Smartphone

Nobody likes watching a drop test video. Okay, that’s a lie; I do occasionally enjoy watching a phone get obliterated on pavement as I’m sure some of you do too. However, drop tests are normally conducted from waist-high and sometimes even head-high drops if you’re feeling...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 sales

Samsung Galaxy S5 sales were between 30% and 100% higher than Galaxy S4 on launch Day

If Samsung was worried about the popularity of its new flagship device, those concerns have been quelled emphatically. Reports from ZDNet have reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 sales on launch day were up on average by 30% over its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, and that in some countries,...
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gold Samsung Galaxy S5

“Oh, it’s on!”: Samsung sends John Legere a gold Samsung Galaxy S5 of its Own

Shots have now been fired. Earlier today, we reported that HTC America had sent T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, a HTC One M8 with a 24 carat gold finish as a gift, a photo of which he happily posted on his Twitter account. Not content to be beaten out by HTC, Samsung Mobile US has gifted to...
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Galaxy S5 Now Available…Kinda! LG G3 Right Around the Corner! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday Android friends. Time to talk a little bit of Android with you. So the Galaxy S5 is available right now in some countries. Only a couple more days before you guys in the States can get yours. The LG G3 got a screenshot leak of its UI, but LG still doesn’t want to talk...
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