Moto 360 T-Mobile

Moto 360 Now Available Through T-Mobile Online, Hits Stores November 19th

T-Mobile has announced that the Moto 360 can now be picked up beginning today online for the usual $249.99 price tag. As with all thing Uncarrier, you can get it for $0 down and pay $10.41 per month with the final payment being $10.56...

ASUS ZenWatch in Stock in the Play Store for $199.99

The ASUS ZenWatch made its appearance on the Play Store yesterday with the exception that it couldn’t yet be ordered. Fast forward to today and now you can shell out a cool $199.99 and pick up sixth Android Wear powered smartwatch...
HTC Google Play Edition phones getting Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop Targeted for HTC One M7 and M8 GPE Devices Next Week

HTC has been working pretty furiously to provide timely updates to their devices to the latest Android OS builds available. With Android 5.0 Lollipop HTC stated that they would have updates starting within 90 days of the publicly available...
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Verizon Readjusts its ETF Policy, Full $350 Due for the First 8 Months

Early Termination Fees are probably one of the more annoying aspects of a carrier agreement. They are a necessary evil that we have all had to live with if we chose to do a contract agreement for a discount on a device purchase. The simple...
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20,000 mAh battery bank

[Deal Alert] 20,000 mAh Limefuel LP200X Dual USB External Battery Bank

The holidays are quickly approaching. That means a lot of things for a lot of people. For many it means lots of family gatherings, travel, and events. That means you might find yourself stuck in situations where you will need power at...
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Shield Tablet

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Aims at November 18th for Lollipop Update plus On-Demand Cloud Gaming and More

Thinking back to the past few years with Android OS updates, I don’t recall there being nearly this much acceptance and adoption by manufacturers in such a short amount of time. I mean, sure, many of the big manufacturers came out...
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Nexus 6 release date in Australia

Kogan suggests Nexus 6 release date in Australia will be close to Dec 5th

The state of Nexus 6 availability in the US hasn’t improved much over the last few weeks, but unfortunately the rest of the world, namely the 12 countries who were recently added to the support page, is still in the dark about when...
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Facebook built-in browser

[GUIDE] How to get rid of the Facebook built-in browser

If you’re anything like me (and by that I mean you use Facebook), you will have noticed that the Facebook Android app now utilizes a Facebook built-in browser that opens all links while you’re surfing your newsfeed. While...
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Google Keep 3.0

Google Keep 3.0 hits the Play Store with Material Design in tow [APK Download]

Google has continued its charge to update all its Google apps according to the Material Design guidelines and the latest app to get this makeover is Google Keep. Google Keep 3.0 (specifically 3.0.01) brings in quite a few features which...
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Google Messenger 1.0

Google Messenger 1.0 officially reaches the Play Store [APK Download]

A certain Google Messenger app was leaked earlier this year when Android Lollipop was first dropped, a strange sight seeing as Google went to all the effort of including SMS support in the Google Hangouts app. All the same, whatever Google...
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Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard Updates with Light and Dark Material Design Themes [APK Download]

It is Wednesday and that usually means there will be some updates to our Google apps that we all know and love. While Google has been pushing many updates out more sporadically, today still has brought one to the Play Store that plenty...
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