Sony neo L to be the First Xperia Phone with Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich is finally showing up on new phones coming out, and the Sony Xperia series is getting the frozen treat to their new phone called the neo L. That is not a typo, apparently the “neo” is supposed to be lowercased. Also this phone was originally called “the...
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Minecraft moves from PC, to Android and now any Webpage

Here is an interesting little bit of information for you Minecraft-aholics. Sony Mobile has just released a Bookmarklet that lets you unleash a little Minecraft on any webpage you are currently viewing. They created this nifty little Minecraft anywhere addition to help feed your addiction...
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ROM – @zipsnet Zips Creamed Glacier for HTC myTouch 4G (Glacier)/ T-Mobile

zipsnet has released an update to Zips Creamed Glacier. The latest version is now 3.10. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC myTouch 4G (Glacier): T-Mobile Camera working New Audio Drivers New Adreno Grafics Lib SMS/MMS GPS/ Maps Navigation Sound Calling Touchscreen 3G/4G...
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ROM – @blackwing182 IceColdSandwich for HTC myTouch 4G (Glacier)/ T-Mobile

blackwing182 has released an update to IceColdSandwich. The latest version is now 6.0. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC myTouch 4G (Glacier): T-Mobile QVGA video recording works Added New Qualcomm Adreno Grafics Libaded wifi fix ( now it used Wlan0, way...
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ROM – @V6-Maniac Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 DeSensed for HTC Sensation

V6-Maniac has released an update to Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 DeSensed . The latest version is now 2.0. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 – Sense 3.6 – v2.0 Added Muhdi Beats port - Sounds...
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Gameloft and Sony Pictures join forces to bring Men in Black 3 to Android May 25th

Assuming most of you have already seen the first two ‘Men in Black‘ installments, you’re probably just as anxious for one of the year’s most talked about films — Men in Black 3 — to hit the big screen. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back again...
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ROM – @chrispaw CapRomAlpha for HTC Amaze 4G

chrispaw has released an update to CapRomAlpha. The latest version is now 3.19.2012. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Amaze 4G 03/19/2012 Removed the shortcuts from the stock lock screen. *I feel this is a good compromise. Caller ID...
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HTC releases ICS kernel source for Sensation, Sensation XE and Vivid

In the wonderful world of custom ROMs, the devs can only go so far with out source for the device for a certain Android build. Not that it has ever stopped them from putting in countless hours to make something work, it just helps when they have a base. While many manufacturers, cough...
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Camera mod brings better quality photos and videos to your ICS toting HTC Sensation

Android is a rather interesting eco system to follow and work with. One of the biggest issues that devs face is often the 3G/4G, Hardware Acceleration and the camera. This issue is less present when working with a device that already has a support Android version. In the case of a new...
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New screenshot shows Verizon Family Data plans are getting Closer

Managing the data on your account can not only be time consuming, but also expensive. With most family’s having 2 or more smartphones on their account can easily double your bill. With manufacturers pumping out more affordable smartphones that carriers require data plans to purchase,...
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Family Locator

Family Locator price drops for Verizon Customers

Anyone that has kids, the wily grandparent or just likes to keep tabs on everyone in their family will be pleased to hear the following news. Verizon has just lowered the price on their Family Locator service from the $9.99 per line requirement to $9.99 for the account. Making tracking...
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