Ice Cream Sandwich confirmed for Lenovo ThinkPad in May

Lenovo let the world know that they had every intention of bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to its ThinkPad tablet in Q2 of this year. A 90 day window is a pretty big window in terms of tech. That is at least 4 more tablet launches, another 10 phones (just from HTC) and well, another 3 or...
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AT&T Galaxy Note Confirmed with Snapdragon Processor Not Exynos

  Some slightly disappointing news for device users that want faster processors and that want AT&T’s Galaxy Note. Looks like the anticipated device will be rocking not the Exynos processor, but a Snapdragon processor. Snapdragons generally get slower benchmarks so I would...
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Sprint’s Valentine’s Deal for a Nexus S Will Sure Warm Some Hearts

That dreaded “Hallmark” holiday is drawing closer to us and there is nothing we can do about it. Us guys have to use our brains to come up with some creative gift or act to make our fair lady’s smile and make them happy to be with us slobs. Many of you might not have...
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Mobile ODIN Updated to 2.0. Adds More Devices on its List

Back in November we got a first look at Mobile ODIN thanks to XDA senior moderator Chainfire. Mobile ODIN is an app that acts as an on-device ODIN utility by allowing you to fully flash your firmware straight from the device itself. Basically you can do this without connecting to your...
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Galaxy Nexus Gets a Nice ICS 4.0.4 Update

Looks like XDA member kangxi has given us the scoop on the new ICS 4.0.4 update for the CDMA version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The update looks to have new radios, so we can expect better reception and hopefully better 4G fon the super phone. The update is also is suppose to remedy...
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Galaxy Note

Win one of five Galaxy Notes from Samsung Canada

Are you one of the many people looking to snag a Galaxy Note in Canada? Well, thanks to a current give-a-way by Samsung Canada, you might just have a chance. Samsung really wants to get the Galaxy Note and all its 5.3-inch, Exynos power housing, S-Pen writing device to your hands. By...
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ROM – @JonathanAlvey51 Blazer ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II/ Sprint Epic 4G Touch

PhantomHacker has released an update to Blazer ROM. The latest version is now 3.8. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- Samsung Galaxy S II: Sprint Epic 4G Touch Updated to v3.8Skip songs while screen is off using vol + (forward) and vol- (back)Camera should work...
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ROM – @thelegendarylegends Extreme Sensation ICS for HTC Sensation

thelegendarylegends has released an update to Extreme Sensation ICS. The latest version is now 1.0.1. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation CHANGELOG 1.0.11. Beats Built in (thanks to mudhi) sound will be the same if beats is disabled and if beats is enabled,...
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ROM – @ AndroidME for HTC Sensation

has released an update to AndroidME. The latest version is now 2.0. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation AndroidME v2.0.0 Release Date: 05 February 2012 **MUST Full wipe** Rebuilt on latest 3.25.401.101 XE Base with Beats Audio The usual Speed improvements Added...
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Should developers profit from a port? Minicraft players in up roar over current in-game ad Attempts

Occasionally while cruising through the market you find an application or game that is port of something popular. They are not always ported by the original author of said application and it usually doesn’t really matter in the log run to the creators. Saves them the time and hassle...
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Fiber optic

Google Fiber moves to next stage as laying preparations begin, one Gbps broadband on the Way

What do we have here? We all know Google gets its little search engine fingers into everything it can across the globe. One thing I didn’t know they were working on is a high-speed residential broadband service. Apparently it has been in the works for a couple of years now. After...
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