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Verizon: We will give you notice of plan changes before we spring them on You

Yesterday we made the announcement that Verizon will be making changes to their data plans this summer. While changes are to be expected, it was the information that they would be doing away with grandfathered unlimited plans going forward....
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[Deal Alert] Not one, but TWO Motorola XOOM tablets up for Grabs

When looking for a deal one never has to go very far. We get the Daily Steals email alerts as soon as the next deals of the day are active. Not always are they ones we will post up here and share, but usually you will find them hitting...
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HTC Avoiding Apple’s Patent Claims with Custom Android Builds

After finding out yesterday about the “ridiculousness”of Apple’s patent infringement suit on HTC, delaying the HTC Evo 4G LTE and new HTC One X phones from entering the country; a lot of us stared at our computer screens...
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Sprint Addresses HTC EVO 4G LTE Delay Issue

Sprint has finally addressed the whole HTC EVO 4G LTE delay debacle today on their forum page. it simply confirms that YES it is stuck in US customs. Pre-ordered phones are put on hold, and the author of the post said that the pre-ordered...
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LG Drops Commercial Showing Off the Optimus 4X HD in a Tron-like Way

We posted earlier about LG’s new UI 3.0 experience, and we all probably have a differences about it. Lot of us would just love for these OEM’s to leave what Android has created alone, but we know that will never happen....
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ICS Themed Instagram Available for you to Download and it Looks Gorgeous

Couple weeks ago, I wrote up a post with a download to INVERT your Instagram app and many of you clicked in to see what it was all about. I really liked the more blacked out theme because, to me, the regular Instagram app looks to much...
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Chameleon Launcher Brings New Innovation to Your Tablet’s Homescreens

There are many different assortment of launchers to choose from for your phone, what does your tablet get? The options for tablet launchers are few and far, and stock launchers just do not cut the mustard for us die-hard Android users....
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Google Play

Sprint opens up carrier billing for Books, Movies and Music via Play Store

Sprint customers have been able to purchase apps and charge them to their cellphone bills for quite some time, but now Sprint customers can also purchase Books, Movie rentals and Music via the Play Store. This is by far the cheapest route...
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ROM – @Splder HyperSensation for HTC Sensation

Splder has released an update to HyperSensation. The latest version is now 1.6R. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation MAY.17 – HyperSensation v1.6R (85MB)Rebased to AOKP 36Updated gappsAdded music...
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ROM – @strawmetal Strawmetal.Mi for Multiple Devices

strawmetal has released an update to Strawmetal.Mi. The latest version is now 1.9. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Desire Z- HTC Vision/T-Mobile G2 V1.9 ILWT Kernel V1.8.0 Apps removed:ColorDict, OfficeSuiteViewer,...
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ROM – @GoyalBhuvan INFINITUM VIBRANT LBR for Samsung Galaxy S/ T-Mobile Vibrant

bhu1 has released an update to INFINITUM VIBRANT LBR. The latest version is now 1.0.0. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant CHANGELOG LBR V1.0.0- initial release. Head over to...
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