7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich “My Tablet” headed to consumers for under $150 later in April

I received the rare opportunity to speak with a source this afternoon that invited me to take a look at a prototype tablet that will soon be launching. It is not being launched by a major brand, carrier, or a major player in the industry, however that shouldn’t detour you from...
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Verizon to make people smile in Salisbury MD around April 19th

Verizon keeps chugging right along don’t they. Kicking the 4G LTE service in gear in many areas that other carriers wouldn’t even care to talk about. The latest addition, a small little town called Salisbury MD. This small little town of around 30,000 residence will soon...
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ROM – @shnizlon OrDroid for HTC Sensation

shnizlon has released an update to OrDroid. The latest version is now 2.0.2. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation 2.0.2 - Updated Bricked kernel to V0.7 (Full ROM only). - Fixed random vibrations - Thx show-p1984 (Full ROM only). - Disabled HTC screenshot...
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Xperia MIUI

[MIUI Theme] Sony Xperia Look-A-Like

The wonderful world of MIUI themes never ceases to out do everyone else. Certain themes for certain launcher and ROM’s can only go so far. With so many MIUI themes, you end up keeping the ROM you love and giving it an entire face lift effortlessly. A relatively new theme we came...
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Crime City

Crime City hits the Play Store, free and full of Violence

One can never have enough violence in the palm of their hands. That is why Grand Theft Auto has done so well in my opinion. It lets us do all the terrible things we want without any of the real world consequences. There is something about breaking into houses, stealing cars and beating...
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Beats Earbuds

Beats ear buds to be pulled from HTC devices going Forward

When HTC bought controlling share in Beats Audio I got rather excited. The technology is great, as long as you have a great set of headphones to pair up with them. In the beginning a set of Beats earbuds were made available in the HTC devices box sporting the Beats branding. That...
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ROM – @V6-Maniac Sense-o-Maniac -ICE- Sense3.6 for HTC Sensation

V6-Maniac has released an update to Sense-o-Maniac -ICE- Sense3.6. The latest version is now 2.4. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 – Sense 3.6 – V2.4 Updated last Bricked 3.0.26 v0.65 with “Sweep2Unlock”...
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Instagram gets picked up by Facebook for $1 Billion

That didn’t take long now did it. Instagram has been around for a while on iOS, but only recently available for Android. Now that it is built for the top 2 mobile operating systems Facebook saw fit to buy it. Why do the work yourself if you can let someone else do it. The purchase...
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[Game] Cafeteria Nipponica lands from Kairosoft

Kairosoft is a name all of you should recognize. They have put out some the best and most addictive games we have ever player. A few of the titles you may already enjoy are games like Game Dev Story, Pocket League Story, Dungeon Village and World Cruise story. The game play in all of...
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New 9.7-inch Lenovo tablet sporting ICS

The tablet wars keeping across the world with more and more tablets being unveiled and announced. Top players, in our opinion, are ASUS, Samsung and Lenovo. Now Lenovo might not be a name you are too terribly familiar with when it comes to tablets. I know I never thought much about them...
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Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 3.29.44 PM

The Friday ManDroid Show is Up! Check it Out!

Hello my Android friends. Thanks for clicking in to another episode of The ManDroid Show. As promised, since I spaced last Friday, there is not one but TWO hot nerdy girls of the week. Hope you enjoy and thank you as always! News Topics CyanogenMod Isn’t going with rAndy....
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