OutSpin: Why Google will never get it right!

These have been an interesting two weeks (last week writer’s block did win over me) in the Android/Google world: Samsung presented the Galaxy SIII, Google and Oracle were in court waiting for a decision that could change the IT world,...
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Google Play

[Download] Google Play Store updates to version 3.5.19

Looks like Google started pushing an update out to the Play Store yesterday. Once again we don’t seem to have any changelog or see any noticeable differences between this build and the previous build. It most likely just...
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New Video Channel for T-Mobile customers that won’t use your data Plan

This morning T-Mobile Senior Vice President, Brad Duea, sat down for an interview and hinted at something new in the works. A new effort to put more video content in the hands of their customers without the fear of blowing up your data...
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SGH-T999 model spotted in Samsung Galaxy S III walkthrough, might be T-Mobiles Model

Ok, so this isn’t all that big, but it leads to some interesting speculation, hopes and dreams. Seems a tipster at Tmonews picked up on something in a hands on walk through of the Samsung Galaxy S III that AndroidPolice did. When...
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Razr Maxx

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX to hit the UK officially May 18th

The rumors of the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX hitting the UK have been floating around for a couple of weeks now. Now that rumor has been officially confirmed for our friend across the ocean. British retailer Clove has announced that the...
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SuperTooth Crystal 1

Review: SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth Speakerphone Car-Kit

Driving your car and still being in contact with people is almost a necessity now a days. It seems like people never need to talk to me unless I am either driving or the kids are screaming. Most states have laws in place that make it illegal for...
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International unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note owners seeing ICS Updates

After months of waiting and seeing the Premium Suite with ICS on video for the Samsung Galaxy Note (N700), reports are finally coming in that the update is rolling out. Users of the Galaxy Note N700, the unlocked international version,...
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Blue Razr

Motorola Droid RAZR in new cool blue available in select stores, online May 17th

There was a leak over the weekend that pegged Motorola and Verizon to launch yet another color variation of the Droid RAZR. Seems that rumor panned out and select stores already have the new blue edition available for purchase. It is slated...
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Galaxy Note Gets a Mugen 5400mah Extended Battery Bringing Some Girth to the Big Guy

Those of you that have the “phoneblet” the Galaxy Note, probably already get pretty decent battery life for such a big phone. But for those of you that have your faces in that 5.3 inch screen all day, might want to get some...
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Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 7.41.54 PM

It’s Not Android, but Samsung has a Prototype Device Running an OS Called Tizen

Well here is something random that came about today. A prototype Samsung device, not running Android but running an OS called “Tizen”. What is Tizen? Pretty much a simplified, TouchWiz looking OS that really is not pretty...
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Samsung’s cloud dreams are underway thanks to recent purchase of mSpot

Before the HUGE event that was the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III, we caught wind of a few rumors. One was that Samsung would be showing of a new tablet at the unpacked event, that didn’t pan out. The other was the release...
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