Australia gains access to Play Movie rentals via the Play Store

One thing that has upset many Android users across the globe is the lack of access to use certain features. Like renting movies or using Google Music. Much of that has to do with legal reasons and complications that stem from other countries outside the US. It looks like one hurdle...
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Dropbox drops ‘beta’ tag on photo uploading, offers another 3GB of earnable Storage

Some of you may remember the various new beta features that Dropbox was testing back in February. Giving you the ability to test out a new automatic photo and video upload feature and earn yourself a hefty chunk of additional storage at the same time. The beta started out as desktop...
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OutSpin: Terms of Service

Thank you for reading this post. Since everyone became a legal expert this week, as soon as Google Drive was launched, I’ve decided to publish the Terms of Service for reading my posts (described from now on as ToS). 1. By reading this post you grant me the right to have an opinion. 2....
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Rule the Kingdom 2

Rule the Kingdom, the most EPIC RPG released by Game Insight

Today seems to be a great day for picking up newly released games to the Play Store. We saw Dark Meadow hit for Tegra 3 devices for FREE. We also saw a new one from Kairosoft, Pocket Acadamey, and now we have another exceptionally well put together game from Game Insight. They are the...
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ROM – @Virtuous Team Virtuous Inquisition ICS for HTC Sensation

Virtuous Team has released an update to Virtuous Inquisition ICS. The latest version is now 4.0.2. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation v4.0.2 (4/26/2012) No wipe required if upgrading from 3.5.x or newer. This release is based almost entirely on community...
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Pocket Academy

Kairosoft brings us another fantastic and addicting game, Pocket Academy

Kairosoft is easily, in our book, the greatest game developer for Android to date. Not because of their stunning 3d and lifelike graphics, but because of their constant story themes that keep you hooked until your battery dies. They are the creators behind such titles as Game Dev Story,...
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The down under Galaxy S II starts getting ICS update on Telstra

Put another Ice Cream Sandwich on the Barbie…. Well, maybe that isn’t such a great idea. For those of you rocking out in Australia on the Telstra network have a nice cool treat waiting for your Galaxy S II though. The 200MB ICS update is working its way to customers across...
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Dark Meadow

The visually stunning Dark Meadow: The Pact game hits the Play Store

Have you been waiting for a game that is incredibly gorgeous, dark, has a great story line and will keep you one your toes the entire time? Well my Android gaming friends, Dark Meadow: The Pact is finally here to deliver you some seriously amazing gaming. Bringing a photo-realistic world...
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Samsung Galaxy S III

Service manual for Samsung Galaxy S III list more specs and device Sketch

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S III, I am all over anything and everything to do with it. From rumors, fake pictures to speculation. If it has the SGSIII in it somewhere, you can bet I am looking for it. Seems another little document has recently slipped out into the wild with a...
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Samsung announces Exynos 1.4Ghz Quad-Core Processor for Galaxy S III

After benchmarks of the Galaxy S III leaked out today, many people were wondering: when is Samsung going to announce this bad boy? Well, Samsung just announced its new Exynos Quad-Core processor, which may not be as good as a Galaxy S III announcement, but gives us some more information...
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Droid Razr Costco

Costco selling Droid RAZR with Accessory Bundle for only $80

If you’ve been holding off to buy a Motorola Droid RAZR because it was too expensive, wait no more. Costco is selling a Droid RAZR for only $79.99 along with a Bonus Accessory Kit until May 1st. As always, you’ll need to sign a 2-Year contract with Verizon Wireless in order...
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