ROM – @baadnwz InsertCoin 5.1.5 Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC Sensation

baadnewz has released an update to InsertCoin 5.1.5 Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version is now 5.1.5. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation InsertCoin 5.1.5 Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 – Full...
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ROM – @kristofpetho HyperNonSense for HTC Sensation

kristofpetho has released an update to HyperNonSense. The latest version is now 1.5. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC Sensation ROM Releases 1. When you are finished setting up the device, do a normal reboot and...
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Another World 1

Another World hits the Play Store as Promised

Back in January we were very pleased to learn that DotEmu was bringing us all Another World, better known as Out of this World. January was a long time ago and a lot has happened since then. We nearly forgot to check up on the progress...
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Google Wallet announces partnership with Pinkberry, get 10% off through April 30th

Google Wallet allows you to whip out your fancy Android powered device to pay for your new clothes, groceries and many other items across the U.S. With continued efforts to bring more retail locations into the loop and make your life...
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Humble Bundle 2

The Humble Bundle 2 brings 5 new cross platform games and lets you name your Price

The Humble Bundle is a very unique set up. They bring in a variety of games in a single bundle for you to purchase. We shared Humble Bundle with everyone on their last offering and it did extremely well. When we heard they had a second...
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Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus tipped to hit Sprint April 15th, tax day might be good this Year

Even though Verizon might not be overly joyed about their Samsung Galaxy Nexus device, the community of Android users sure were. It was only a matter of time before the AOSP toting, HD screen glistening super phone made its way to another...
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HTC One X 1

Sprint to launch HTC One X early Summer

After a shaky end to last year, HTC came out swinging at Mobile World Congress. Promising to bring less phones and focusing on a flagship device finally. The One series of devices seems to be their first push to stardom in a long while....
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Dorid Fighter

DROID Fighter images surface, the next RAZR variant Already?

A few weeks ago we caught a look at an internal Verizon document that listed a few devices. Among the names was the DROID Fighter. Most likely a code name for the device at the time, it was still intriguing. Now it appears that a few...
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Open Source

Samsung releases Ice Cream Sandwich source code for Galaxy S II

Samsung might not always have an amazing track record getting updates out to their devices. It isn’t always their fault, the carriers to play a n integral role as well. They do however keep their open source portal pretty well...
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[CM7 Theme] Forget Ice Cream Sandwich. Try Blue Frost

You got to love these blue themes. They give a sense of Honeycomb and of course, Ice Cream Sandwich to our devices. This theme certainly does not differ from the rest. BluFrost is another CM7 Theme that brings an ICS look to your phone....
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Remove Bloatware on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Phones

Oh that dreaded bloatware. Us die hard Android users hate seeing the carrier smear their apps all over the app drawer. Apps we do not care about, nor do we need. Rooting the device and getting a ROM that does not have any bloatware...
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