Gnex Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Sprint passes through the FCC

It is about time right? We have seen rumors, quick little ads and pages that the Galaxy Nexus was headed to Sprint for a while now. Some people gave up and jumped ship to Verizon. While everyone else sat impatiently waiting for more news...
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GO Locker 12jpg

[GO Locker Theme] Fourkey unlock for easy device Access

 When we think of a theme we generally think of one that will change out devices look and feel on our homescreens and other parts of the device. Not to often do we think of themes for lockscreen applications. There are a number of great...

NBA Jam hits Google Play thanks to EA Sports

OMG! That is about all I can about this. Electronic Arts has just release NBA Jam to the Play Store for all to relive their pasts. I remember spending countless hours playing every Jam game that was released. The fast paced 2 on 2 action,...
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Droid X2

OTA update coming for Droid X2 Users

Verizon has done what they do best, dropped an info sheet for an upcoming OTA for a device. This time around it is for the Motorola Droid X2. The file size is only rolling in at 35mbs and have a software version of 1.3.418.MB870. With...
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Epic 4G Touch users say adiós to bloatware the easy Way

Bloatware is not something that any Android user is a fan of. Many of the apps that are pre-installed on your device at the time of purchase can drain battery, cause slowness and eat up free space. As a user you don’t have much of...
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ROM – @MijjahzRomz MIJJz BLEND ICS “THE GOODNESS” for Samsung Galaxy S II/ Sprint Epic 4G Touch

mijjah74 has released an update to MIJJz BLEND ICS “THE GOODNESS”. The latest version is now 2.2. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- Samsung Galaxy S II: Sprint Epic 4G Touch Updated to v2.2 – 3/15/2012 -Removed...
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ROM – @roogerrisboredd Xodus for Samsung Galaxy S/ T-Mobile Vibrant

roogerrisboredd has released an update to Xodus. The latest version is now 3.1. This release is supported on the following Device(s):- Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant Change log[/QUOTE]3/14/12Build3.1 -fixed issue with status customization...
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Galaxy S WiFi

Samsung to finally bring the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 to US Shores

The Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 is a device that could bring people a lot of joy for a decent price tag. The SGS Wi-Fi is a portable media player with slightly slimmed down specs and running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Designed to bring...
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O2 UK confirms HTC One X to land on April 5th

The new HTC One line of devices has sure made head lines across the web. After HTC flooding the market last year with new devices, it seems they have finally settled on a line to run as the flagship for 2012. The One X being the high-end...
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Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC Vivid manually Available

During the HTC One series of device announcements, AT&T and HTC announced the Vivid would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich soon. Needless to say this made a few of you pretty happy. It now appears that an ICS build is hanging out on the...
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Amazon Birthday

Amazon AppStore turn’s one, sales and contests start to Celebrate

Today is a special day for the Amazon AppStore, it is their Birthday. Officially turning turn one is a big deal for a service, a company and even a child. When the store first launched it had only 4,000 apps available to choose from....
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