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Uncarrier 7.0 T-Mobile

T-Mobile getting personal with September 10th event invites for Uncarrier 7.0

Looks like something has gotten under T-Mobile‘s John Legere’s skin again. the bad boy of the wireless industry just keeps pushing, and I like it. Invites to an event to announce Uncarrier 7.0 have started to make appearances with a very interesting message on them, “This...
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John Legere Music Freedom T-Mobile

Music Freedom campaign from T-Mobile gaining 6 more services, Google Music coming

Back in June T-Mobile made a fairly awesome move that gave customers a break from their data consumption by letting you stream certain services without touching your data allotments. Sure, there were a few stipulations, like being on a plan that let you do it. Still, if streaming music...

OnePlus One is on Fire! T-Mobile continues to Change the Carrier Game! – ManDroid Daily

Happy Tuesday Android friends. The ManDroid Daily is here to give you that quick news. The OnePlus One is on fire, and not in a good way. Guess those 24 hour invites got to this lucky guy’s device. T-Mobile continues to change the carrier game, and we love them for doing it. Enjoy...
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T-Mobile will ‘Double your data’ when you add a tablet starting September 3rd

Oh look, more outstanding news from T-Mobile. Just a bit ago we told you about the new Family Plan offerings that let you put up to 10 lines on one account for just $10 per line. They also made sure to point out that they are keeping the data as a per-line basis rather than silly share...
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T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile continues the Uncarrier push with new 10 line Family Plan ews

Yesterday T-Mobile announced that they were offering 2GB of 4G LTE data for the Simple Starter customers for just $5 more a month starting September 3rd. Today T-mobile has made another announcement, this time centered around their Family Plan offerings. Starting tomorrow, August 27th,...
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T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile Simple Starter plans to get 4X the data for just $5 a month

Watching the cellular industry duke it out for phones, data plans and general plans is sort of fun. The changes that one company makes often trickles over to another in some fashion that generally is better for the consumer. Sometimes it is all in the wording and the marketing of a new...
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Network speed throttle

T-Mobile LTE throttling to commence due to P2P file sharing and tethering abuse, unlimited plans Only

T-mobile has certainly proved themselves a worthy adversary in the carrier business over the last couple of years. Plenty of changes have brought customers to magenta in droves. Just because T-Mobile is bending, and in some cases, breaking the wireless industry rules, doesn’t mean...
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Device Unlock T-Mobile

T-Mobile giving device unlocking an easier approach with new App

T-Mobile and the uncarrier initiative has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. They have single-handedly changed the wireless game and a lot of people are loving it, I know I do. They continue to make changes that help alleviate customer pain points. While there will always be something...
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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s Android 4.4.4T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s Android 4.4.4

Android 4.4 update available for T-Mobile Xperia Z1s

It has been a long time coming for Sony Xperia Z1s owners here in the states on T-Mobile, but you all finally have Android 4.4.4 updates pending your install.   The firmware version is 14.4.B.0.37. You will be prompted through the device about the update, but the Sony PC companion...
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Kyocera Hyrdo Life MetroPCS

T-Mobile and MetroPCS launching waterproof Kyocera Hydro Life this Month

Waterproof, or resistant, devices are becoming more of the norm this year than in the past and I am loving it. Another new device is headed towards both T-Mobile and MetroPCS that will easily target those that find themselves dropping their devices often. We all have one of those people...
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Samsung Galaxy S5

Verizon and T-Mobile Galaxy S5 get new OTA Updates

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S5 on either Verizon or T-Mobile, then be on the look out for an update that being pushed out to your device. Each update is a little different in terms of what it will bring to your device. On the T-Mobile side of things you can expect to be moved...
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