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T-Mobile EIP accessories

T-Mobile officially confirms EIP for accessories starting July 20th

We caught little nuggets of information here and there, along with some images, that let us know that T-Mobile was gearing up to offer accessories on their EIP (equipment installment plan) options. Today T-Mobile let some of the news of this new EIP for accessories be known through a...
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T-Mobile EIP accessories

T-Mobile EIP coming to accessories on July 20th

Accessories for your device are a natural and normal need. We all love cases, headphones, speakers, screen protectors, chargers and anything else that works with our devices. When we first heard the Uncarrier 5.0 was coming, we immediately thought EIP (equipment installment plan) for...
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T-Mobile LG G3 Pre-Orders

T-Mobile LG G3 up for Pre-order, officially out July 16th

The T-Mobile LG G3 pre-ording flood gates have been lifted today. The 5.5 QuadHD IPS screen sporting phone will set you back $598.80 total out-of-pocket. Of course that isn’t upfront. If you pick up the LG G3 you are looking at $24.95 a month for 24 months on your bills to pay it...
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Android L Wallpaper, Keyboard, and More! Nexus isn’t Dead! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday Android friends. TIme to talk more about all the fantastic goodies we were blessed with this week. Android L is storming through the Android Community, and hopefully you Nexus 5 or 7 users out there are trying it out. Factory images are being sift through, and some wallpaper,...
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T-Mobile whitelists more apps from using your data Allotment

Not everyone on T-Mobile sports an unlimited high-speed data plan. For the rest of us, we sometimes have to watch what we have left in our allotment. Not out of fear of exceeding it and having a costly bill, because T-Mobile did away with overage. More so because we still want the high-speed...
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Android 4.4.4 Already Here! T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 5 and 6! – The ManDroid Show

I hope your Saturday is going well my Android friends. ManDroid Show is a little late this week but it is here. Android 4.4.4 is already out in the ild, sadly it is not a remedy for those bugs in Android 4.4.3. T-Mobile shocked the carrier world once again, by announcing Uncarrier...
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T-Mobile Free Streaming Music

T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 6, Streaming Music that won’t touch Your Data

Tonight was the T-Mobile Uncarrier 5 event in Seattle. It was pretty awesome. John is a funny guy. We will get to the Uncarrier 5 stuff in a minute, it was pretty cool, but he also announced Uncarrier 6, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. With Uncarrier 6 T-mobile is working to...
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T-Mobile Uncarrier 5 Announced Bringing Test Drive, VoLTE and Wideband to More Markets

We just sat through the hour or so long T-Mobile Uncarrier 5 live streaming event to see what tricks T-Mobile and John Legere had up their sleeves. The past 4 versions of the Uncarrier approach have brought some pretty amazing changes for consumers and have certainly shaken up the industry...
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Project Tango Tablets Announced! Amazon Phone Unveiled June 18th! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Saturday Android friends. Usually the ManDroid Show is up on Friday, but it just didn’t happen this week. Project Tango tablet kits were announced, and the technology that this project is going to introduce will blow our minds hoefully. The Amazon Phone that has been rumored...
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T-Mobile Underground

T-Mobile Launches ‘The Underground’; Limited Stock Special Edition Devices and More

T-Mobile has just launched a new program/website called The Underground. Near as the G+ post and the site describe, it would appear that T-Mobile will use it to direct your attention towards special limited edition devices and accessories. It will also offer up various news and reviews...
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Android 4.4.3 Ready for Nexus! Samsung Leaks their Devices Getting Android 4.4.3! – Device Updates

Device Updates is here for you, and Android 4.4.3 is on everyone’s minds today. Yes, some of you probably already have it on your Nexus device, and hopefully a lot more of us will be getting it soon. Let us know just how great it is running on whenever device you have it one, and...
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