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‘Powered by Android’ on Bootup Now Required by Google

We all know the Android OS pretty well by now. We are all also very familiar with the various skins that OEM’s place over it like Sense and TouchWiz. Google is apparently making a slight change to what OEM’s must do in order to use the Android OS in their devices. A new ground...
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[Op-Ed] Android’s Next Update Should Focus On Gaming

Google’s next¬†Android update should focus more on gaming. Android is an open source operating system (OS) that is based on Linux. The great thing about open source is that it is free and any one can enhance the OS. Android is an OS meant for mobile devices but lately it has been...
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android never ceases to amaze me

Android Never Ceases To Amaze Me; My Personal Mind-Blown Moment On Christmas Day

I don’t pretend to be an expert at Android; I haven’t even rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I still use TouchWiz. But I do like to think that I know most of the functions of Android, enough to be able to pick up any phone and use it quite extensively. So when I came across...
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Canonical Releases Ubuntu and Android Dual Boot Developer Preview

Ho ho ho Android and Linux developers, Christmas is here for you. Yesterday Canonical released the Unbuntu and Android dual boot dev preview just for you. “We are thrilled to announce a preview of a new feature for developers: Ubuntu on mobile devices can now run alongside Android...
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Only on Android: 6 Exclusive Features

For residents of upstate New York, you need a phone that you can take and use wherever you travel, whether you’re heading to the Finger Lakes for a vacation, traveling to the Big Apple on business, or spending the weekend in Philadelphia. When considering your next phone purchase,...
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KitKat Codes

[Closed] Weekend Blowout – 7 codes from our KitKat Wrappers up for Grabs

Slowly but surely more and more Android promoting KitKat candy bars are finding their way to the hands of people across the U.S. However, we know that plenty of you out there are still missing out on the fun. So we rounded up a couple and took down the codes to hand out to our readers....
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Golfsense Review

[REVIEW] Golfsense – Snake Oil or Savior?

As a not-so-avid golfer, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not awesome on the links. I try to hit the little white ball around as much as I can, but time (or lack thereof) gets the best of me and my swing. That’s when I gave the Golfsense a shot. Could it save...
Google Analytics

Google Updates Analytics App For Android

The latest version of Google Analytics hit the Google Play store, adding a new card UI, web and app reporting views, and side navigation. With version 2.1, data can be accessed and viewed on a number of different devices. The redesigned interface will give you a quick overview of your...
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Android Puzzle Piece wallpaper

5 Things You Should Know About BlackBerry Messenger for Android

With more than 73 million Android devices in use in the United States, this platform account for 52 percent of the mobile market. So it makes sense for BlackBerry to expand its once-popular messenger service to Android this month. Read on to discover all you need to know about BlackBerry...
transport tycoon

[UPDATED] Transport Tycoon To Hit Android Screens October 3rd, 2013

A few months ago, we heard about plans to bring Chris Sawyer’s classic transport management game, Transport Tycoon, to Android and iOS sometime this year. This was certainly cause for some nostalgic joy as many of us will fondly remember the days when Transport Tycoon would take...
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Android testing on Nokia Lumia

Android was a thought for Nokia and was even running on a Lumia Device

The idea, hopes and dreams of a Nokia device sporting Android has been around the block a number of times. We all would like to see them put something out because they make fantastic hardware, but it was shot down time and time again. Even with investors hounding for a change. However,...
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