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Conan O'Brien mocks the iPhone 6

A new Android hero has emerged: Conan O’Brien mocks the iPhone 6 in his Monologue

Conan O’Brien is a funny man. And now, he also has the respect of the whole Android community after a joke he made on his show last night. There are plenty of rumours floating around about Apple‘s next smartphone, the iPhone 6, which is expected to be slightly bigger, but...
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iOS 8 is good for Android

[OP-ED] Why I think iOS 8 is good for Android

A banner spotted at WWDC 2014 prior to Apple’s keynote – courtesy of The Verge Today’s tech news has been dominated by the announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2014 happening now in San Francisco. As many expected, Apple is making their yearly iteration to their mobile...
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apple iwatch

[VIDEO] New Apple iWatch parody ad is a good laugh and somewhat possibly Likely

The Apple iWatch has become somewhat of an elusive entity in the tech world, while Android stands across the way pushing out more and more wearable devices with every passing week. While all signs suggest that Nike is under Apple’s thumb to help develop the iWatch, we’ve...
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Samsung catching Apple

ABI Research: Samsung catching Apple in tablet shipments in 2014

Apple pioneered the tablet device market and has had a headstart on its competitors for years, opening up a huge lead in the number of devices sold. That gap is gradually closing, however, and the latest statistics to support this comes from ABI Research who has just released its latest...
r.i.p. nike fuelband

R.I.P Nike Fuelband?: Nike could be killing off their fitness wearable, instead focus on fitness Software

R.I.P Nike Fuelband. Here lies Nike’s fitness wearable, probably. According to sources who spoke with CNET, Nike has laid off 55 of the 70 strong Nike Fuelband hardware team, prompting the rumour that Nike may be shuttering development of its only fitness wearable. This is likely...
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Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial

Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial: Samsung’s objection gets denied before trial even Starts

Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial will begin tomorrow with Apple claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 both infringe on 5 of Apple’s patents each. While Samsung was forced to pay Apple $929.8 million the last time the two smartphone giants met in...
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finally bring iTunes to Android

Apple may finally bring iTunes to Android due to drop in download Sales

For the longest time, Android users have had to deal with the absence of an official iTunes app from the Google Play Store; sure there are substitute apps, but that’s a far cry from an official app that evolves with Apple‘s aspirations and focuses, much like other music providers...
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htc warranty plan

Is HTC planning to announce a HTC warranty plan on Feb 18th?

Something that many Android manufacturers lack is an extended warranty service; when compared to the Applecare service that Apple offers for all its products, Android OEMs might even appear like they shy away from post-release maintenance. One particular example of this is the well-documented...
Themer MyColorScreen app DCMA Complaint Apple

[UPDATE: It's Back] Themer by MyColorScreen Missing in Action After Apple Complaint

Copyright infringement is never a word that any of us ever like to hear. Whether is be for the look of a device, how an icon looks, some technology or software that is built into a device or any of a million other things that could lead to a claim and/or lawsuit. The powers that be do a...
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Google Play Movies & TV iOS

Google Expands Play Movies & TV to iOS

While we are all about and love our Android devices, there are still those friends and family members that just won’t fully pull the trigger. Google is in the business to make money, limiting how they make money and what devices can participate is pretty silly. Over the years we...
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Eric Schmidt Brings Us the Guide for ‘Converting to Android from iPhone’

I’ve heard it time and time again. “Android is too complicated.” “iPhone is much simpler than Android.” Anytime I have a lengthy discussion with an iPhone user about which mobile platform is better, those two excuses are what is always said. I always try...
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