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Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial

Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial: Samsung’s objection gets denied before trial even Starts

Round 2 of the Samsung vs Apple patent trial will begin tomorrow with Apple claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 both infringe on 5 of Apple’s patents each. While Samsung was forced to pay Apple $929.8 million the last time the two smartphone giants met in...
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finally bring iTunes to Android

Apple may finally bring iTunes to Android due to drop in download Sales

For the longest time, Android users have had to deal with the absence of an official iTunes app from the Google Play Store; sure there are substitute apps, but that’s a far cry from an official app that evolves with Apple‘s aspirations and focuses, much like other music providers...
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htc warranty plan

Is HTC planning to announce a HTC warranty plan on Feb 18th?

Something that many Android manufacturers lack is an extended warranty service; when compared to the Applecare service that Apple offers for all its products, Android OEMs might even appear like they shy away from post-release maintenance. One particular example of this is the well-documented...
Themer MyColorScreen app DCMA Complaint Apple

[UPDATE: It's Back] Themer by MyColorScreen Missing in Action After Apple Complaint

Copyright infringement is never a word that any of us ever like to hear. Whether is be for the look of a device, how an icon looks, some technology or software that is built into a device or any of a million other things that could lead to a claim and/or lawsuit. The powers that be do a...
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Google Play Movies & TV iOS

Google Expands Play Movies & TV to iOS

While we are all about and love our Android devices, there are still those friends and family members that just won’t fully pull the trigger. Google is in the business to make money, limiting how they make money and what devices can participate is pretty silly. Over the years we...
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Eric Schmidt Brings Us the Guide for ‘Converting to Android from iPhone’

I’ve heard it time and time again. “Android is too complicated.” “iPhone is much simpler than Android.” Anytime I have a lengthy discussion with an iPhone user about which mobile platform is better, those two excuses are what is always said. I always try...
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The Original Voice for Apple’s ‘Siri’ Gets Interviewed by CNN

Siri was introduced by Apple on October 4th, 2011, and it was our first look at a voice assistant that would answer anything we had to say. CNN recently got an interview with the woman who supplied her voice to the company. There is something she says in the interview that just makes...
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Plants vz Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2 To Release On Android In October, Could Delay Be Due To Apple Deal With EA?

Android owners have been patiently waiting for Plants vs Zombies 2 ever since the game was launched on iOS in August, and while the game was released in a limited fashion in China only earlier this month, there has been no timetable for the worldwide Android roll-out in sight. According...
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iphone 5s

A7 Chip In Apple iPhone 5S Is Actually Made By Samsung

Apple and Samsung have an increasingly competitive relationship over the recent years, with their iPhone and Galaxy S-lines doing battle to see which can sustain this highest level of technological advancement the longest. Another well-documented, but perhaps less known, fact is that...
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Veto ITC Samsung Apple

Obama Admin vetoes ITC ruling allowing Apple to keep selling, hits Samsung Hard

The patent system and the patent wars are nothing new to Android, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC or any other OEM in the world. Some battles are won, some battles are lost. Most are settled by the International trade Commision. Those are the guys that take the information that is present,...
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samsung chips

Looks Like Apple Will Be Powering Their Next-Gen iPhones With Samsung Chips

We all know that Samsung and Apple probably don’t have the best relationship; on paper, they compete in basically every category that matters and that doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon. One lesser know fact, or perhaps just ignored for arguments sake, is that Samsung...
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