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Team Carbon SteelBlue CM themes

Team Carbon goes big for Spring, all CM 7,9,10 and 10.1 themes on sale for $0.99


[Theme] Ceethroo by @B_boytm. Get Ceen

#Ceethroo  #Innovative, these are just a couple of the tags you will stumble on if you go searching for @B-boytm‘s theme, Ceethroo.  This is a cool ass theme.  Look through the glass through the back of many of your favorite apps,...

CM10 Getting ‘Expandable Desktop’ Added to its Features

Time for the boys at CyanogenMod to chime in on the day that belongs to the NEXUS. Seems that the boys have decided to add a nice little feature called “expandable desktop”. What is that magnificence you ask? Nothing major....
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Nook Color

Unofficial CM10 Alpha 1 makes its way to the Barnes & Noble Nook Color

The Nook Color?? Anyone know what that is? It might seem a little old school and not like a top priority, and you might kind of be right. The fact that it was done and is being worked on is what is more important. The NookieDevs have been...
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CM10 Nightlies Now Merging with Android 4.1.2 Starting Today

The boys at Cyanogen are wasting no time in getting the latest and greatest of Android out to us. This week we learned that Android 4.1.2 will be what is running on the new LG Nexus, and that the Nexus 7 will soon be receiving the update....
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CM10 Quick Message

[Download] CM10 messenger app finds its way to Jelly Bean sporting Devices

CyanogenMOD and all of their various builds have always offered up some amazing features and modifications that can make your daily life easier and a lot more fun. While they cover many various devices, there are some people who stick...
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Galaxy Note

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note joins the ranks of CM10 Nightlies

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Nope, that would be a CM10 nightly going live for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note. All we can say is, ” THANK YOU.” We wouldn’t dare say, “It’s about time.” Although...
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CM10 nightlies out for HTC EVO 4G LTE, One S, One X and US Cellular Galaxy S III

There are many of you out there that like to live on the cutting edge of technology. Be it a new device or just a new software build. Ever since Jelly bean was announced by Google and made available to be pulled and built from source,...
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Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 7.29.14 PM

[Video] CM10 Boot Animation Official. Simple, to the Point, and Very Awesome

With every version of CyanogenMod build awesomeness, a creative boot animation has been born. From Andy skating onto our screens, to the newly welcomed Cid showing us what seems to be angry eyes while going through a worm hole. Flashing...
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Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 7.14.43 PM

The ManDroid Show: A New 1.7 GHZ Quad-core HTC Phone and 15 Hot Nerdy Girls

Hello once again my Android friends, thank you as always for clicking in to another episode of The ManDroid Show. This show is full of all kinds of sexiness, so I know you will enjoy it. Make sure you vote in the comments on which “Hot...
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Vibrant 1

Samsung Vibrant CM10 might fall by the wayside soon, in need of a new device Maintainer

The Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile’s original Galaxy S devices, is an oldy but a goody. I personally still use mine today as we speak. I have put it through its paces, flashed more ROM’s to it than anyone ever thought possible...
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