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HTC One M8 Max

The HTC One M8 Max may be less massive than its predecessor

In case you hadn’t hear enough about giant, oversized phones today, here’s some more news about another giant, except this time the news might be a little more welcome. The 2013 HTC One Max was a monster of a phone - with a display measuring 5.9-inches, it positively dwarfed...
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Motorola Nexus 6 Poses for Pictures! – ManDroid Daily

ManDroid Daily is here, and I apologize for not having one the past couple days. Of course when family rolls into town and I get super busy; the Motorola Nexus (Shamu) allegedly posed for pictures, and it looks like a bloated New Moto X. Let us know if you plan on getting the new Nexus,...
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HTC ReCamera

HTC’s camera focused accessory makes an early appearance

In about two weeks HTC will be showcasing something new at a press event scheduled in New York. The invite pointed towards a camera accessory of sorts. In a tip from an inside source we heard that the device would be of cylindrical shape, be waterproof, have a 16MP sensor with an ultra...
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HTC Desire 816 Price In India

HTC Desire 816G officially announced in India for INR 18,990

HTC has officially announced the Desire 816G in India which is a cut-down variant of the original Desire 816. Priced at INR 18,990, this dual-SIM Android smartphone will go on sale in the country by early October. The smartphone comes with almost the same features as the Desire...
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Sony will focus on high-end smartphones

Sony will focus on high-end smartphones to help right the ship

In case you haven’t heard, Sony is in a little bit of strife. After having a resoundingly successful 2013, Sony’s financial success has taken a turn for the worse, recently posting a 180 billion year “impairment” – their words, not ours – due to poor...
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Google chose HTC for the Nexus 9

Google chose HTC for the Nexus 9 to stop any one manufacturer gaining a monopoly

We’ve suspected its been coming for the longest time, but it’s always nice to find out a bit of back story. The Wall Street Journal has yesterday reported on the relationship between Google and HTC and how the Nexus 9 tablet apparently has come to be. According to WSJ, Google...

Oppo N3 Announcement Coming! Chromecast Wallpapers Hit the Play Store! – ManDroid Daily

Monday is done for, so let’s talk a little Android news. The Oppo N3 will be announced next month, and there is a render that is circulating that shows a unique design. I kind of dig the render, but we will have to see if that is the official design for the next Oppo flagship....
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HTC Double Exposure

Waterproof camera rumored to be in the works from HTC

The technology space is an ever-growing monster. A manufacturer with a single product, or niche market if you will, can do pretty well, but expanding a product line and diving into new areas can pay off big. Samsung is in the electronics business so them branching out with different things...
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HTC Sense 6 Lockcreen 2

HTC continues to shift apps to Play Store with HTC Lock Screen

I want to say Google was the one who first started to pull out system apps and putting them to the Play Store. I am probably wrong on that front, but it has been a long time. Manufacturers have been slowly, but surely, bringing core apps out of the main OS and placing them on the Play...
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Nexus logo

NVIDIA legal documents name HTC Nexus 9 with Tegra K1 expected in Q3

When you get caught up in a legal battle over patents and other things, there is a chance that a pending device or technology will end up getting named to further back your claim. In some industries those things go unnoticed or are fairly unimportant if the availability is close at hand....
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HTC is rumoured to have abandoned their smartwatch aspirations for now

HTC is rumoured to have abandoned their smartwatch aspirations for now

While many manufacturers have made very impressive announcements of their Android Wear smartwatches, one manufacturer has been glaringly missing from that list. HTC is rumoured to have at least one, possibly two, smartwatches it was allegedly readying for a September release, making a...
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