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Oppo N3 Announcement Coming! Chromecast Wallpapers Hit the Play Store! – ManDroid Daily

Monday is done for, so let’s talk a little Android news. The Oppo N3 will be announced next month, and there is a render that is circulating that shows a unique design. I kind of dig the render, but we will have to see if that is the official design for the next Oppo flagship....
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HTC Double Exposure

Waterproof camera rumored to be in the works from HTC

The technology space is an ever-growing monster. A manufacturer with a single product, or niche market if you will, can do pretty well, but expanding a product line and diving into new areas can pay off big. Samsung is in the electronics business so them branching out with different things...
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HTC Sense 6 Lockcreen 2

HTC continues to shift apps to Play Store with HTC Lock Screen

I want to say Google was the one who first started to pull out system apps and putting them to the Play Store. I am probably wrong on that front, but it has been a long time. Manufacturers have been slowly, but surely, bringing core apps out of the main OS and placing them on the Play...
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Nexus logo

NVIDIA legal documents name HTC Nexus 9 with Tegra K1 expected in Q3

When you get caught up in a legal battle over patents and other things, there is a chance that a pending device or technology will end up getting named to further back your claim. In some industries those things go unnoticed or are fairly unimportant if the availability is close at hand....
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HTC is rumoured to have abandoned their smartwatch aspirations for now

HTC is rumoured to have abandoned their smartwatch aspirations for now

While many manufacturers have made very impressive announcements of their Android Wear smartwatches, one manufacturer has been glaringly missing from that list. HTC is rumoured to have at least one, possibly two, smartwatches it was allegedly readying for a September release, making a...
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HTC smartwatches

Two HTC smartwatches apparently slatted for release in September

A concept image of a HTC smartwatch With ASUS, Sony, LG and Samsung all showing their wearable technology hands early, we’ve been wondering if HTC‘s rumoured smartwatches will be making an appearance before IFA 2014 in a week’s time. We know HTC has been working on...
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HTC Nexus

The HTC Nexus a.k.a. Volantis a.k.a. Flounder tablet is spotted getting Wi-Fi certification

With all the talk about the Motorola-manufactured Nexus 6 lately, this gem nearly slipped by. The other notable Nexus device release that is expected this year is a tablet manufactured by HTC. The so-called ‘HTC Nexus‘ has been referred to by many names – Flounder,...
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HTC Butterfly 2

HTC officially announces the HTC Butterfly 2, a HTC One M8 with plastic surgery

Imagine a HTC One M8, and now cover it in plastic instead of aluminium. Voila: you now have the freshly announced HTC Butterfly 2. While this might well seem like an over-exaggeration, this is actually literally the case. Like the One M8, the Butterfly 2 has a 5-inch 1080p display, a...
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proprietary apps for non-HTC Phones

HTC is releasing its proprietary apps for non-HTC phones, starting with HTC Zoe

HTC has previously promised that it would release its proprietary apps for non-HTC phones in the near future, and it appears that time is almost upon us. Later this week, a beta of the HTC Zoe app is going to be released. Debuted on the HTC One M7, HTC Zoe is a photo/video capture...
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htc one m8 prime

The HTC One M8 Prime will be the HTC One Max’s successor, carries a Snapdragon 805

We’ve been wondering if HTC would follow last year’s formula and release a phablet device to follow up the HTC One Max. According to TKTechNews, they are, and it’s being tentatively called the HTC One M8 Prime. This shouldn’t be confused with previous rumours about...
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HTC Desire A11 Front

HTC Desire A11 leaks, might be the first device to use a Snapdragon 410 chipset

HTC is all set to add a new kid in their mid-range Desire family of Android smartphones. According to the leaks, HTC Desire A11 is going to be a mid-range smartphone with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 SoC and Adreno 306 GPU. It is going to be the first device to be...
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