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HTC Google Play Edition phones getting Android Lollipop

HTC Google Play Edition phones getting Android Lollipop ‘next week’

Now that the Nexus devices have started receiving their update to Android Lollipop, the focus has no shifted to their stock Android brethren, the Google Play Edition (GPE) devices. Although these devices have to be updated by their respective...
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HTC Google Play Edition phones getting Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop Targeted for HTC One M7 and M8 GPE Devices Next Week

HTC has been working pretty furiously to provide timely updates to their devices to the latest Android OS builds available. With Android 5.0 Lollipop HTC stated that they would have updates starting within 90 days of the publicly available...
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HTC One M8 For $299 Unlocked Via HTC Hot Deals

Well HTC is back with their new deal for the week. After the excitement (and disappointment) from the last deal in which they sold the HTC Nexus 9 for 50% in a matter of minutes we hope this week the deals will flow smoothly. So what does...
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Nexus 9 demand

Nexus 9 demand is causing HTC to increase production capacity

In no way should this news be surprising, but here it is anyway. It is being reported that the Nexus 9 demand in the world is so great that HTC is having to increase production capacity just to meet its targets. HTC North Asia president,...
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HTC Nexus 9 for $199 Via HTC Hot Deals, 12 Hours Only [Update]

  We all know new tech shows up sometimes within weeks of just one flagship announcement. After which the price is usually pretty high (unless you sign a 2 year contract) so it is nice to see that HTC is giving all of us a chance...
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HTC Sense 7 screens show what it is shaping up to look like with Lollipop

Androids latest installment of Android treat, Lillipop, is all the rage right now. With Android 5.0 it is readily apparent that manufacturers are finally being forced to up their game a little bit and bring in more of the Google design...
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Nexus 9 wasn't designed as an iPad killer

The truth comes out: the Nexus 9 wasn’t designed as an iPad killer

With Google announcing its new Android Nexus devices and Android Lollipop on October 15th and Apple announcing its new iPad lineup on October 16th, you could have been forgiven for thinking Google intended to pit the Nexus 9 against the...
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Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 official with pre-orders starting Oct. 17th

Part 2 of Android Christmas is here. The Google Nexus 9 is now also officially announced and the HTC-manufactured tablet is nothing less than we had imagined. While it has seen less leaks than its smartphone stablemate, the Nexus 9...
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Nexus 9

What’s in the box: Could this be the Nexus 9 that Jeff Gordon just tweeted about?

While Google is being typically quiet around the time of its device and software releases, HTC can’t seem to stop talking about so-called confidential information. After HTC President of North Asia, Jack Tong, “accidentally”...
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Nexus 6 Out Launching Later this Month?! HTC Brings the ‘Eye’! ManDroid Daily

The ManDroid Daily is here, and today we have stories from yesterday since I didn’t have time to get a video up. HTC had their event yesterday, where they showed just what they can do with cameras with the Desire Eye and Re Camera....
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HTC Desire EYE

HTC makes the Desire EYE official with 13MP front camera with flash and waterproof

Prior to the announcement of the HTC RE camera, the company announced the new Desire EYE. Which was a follow-up announcement to the EYE software that we will get into a bit later. The Desire EYE though is a new phone that has a lot going...
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