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HTC Sense Keybaord

HTC Sense keyboard released to the Play Store

HTC is slowly working to follow Google, Sony, Motorola and others by pulling out some of their specific apps and loading them to the Play Store. The newest addition is the HTC Sense keyboard. With every app that OEM’s pull from their deeply embedded custom skins the better for owners...
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htc smartwatch

HTC smartwatch makes cameo in a behind-the-scenes design Video

HTC has allegedly been working on a smartwatch for some time now, and with the release of Android Wear, the rumour mill is inevitably turning again. A supposed render of the HTC smartwatch was leaked out last week by @evleaks, though we remained cautious of it, however it appears a leak...
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HTC is back in the black

Guess who’s back?: HTC is back in the black thanks to the HTC One M8

Late last year, Taiwanese device manufacturer, HTC, was not in a good place. While its flagship device, the HTC One, had exceeded expectations, a slow start due to supply issues ensured that it never really saw its full potential. A bevy of subpar devices that followed it, including...
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HTC Nexus 8

Anonymous tip says HTC One M8 Prime is dead, HTC Nexus 8 coming after Google I/O

While rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy F (or Galaxy S5 Prime) are quite healthy and frequent, rumours regarding its HTC counterpart, the HTC One M8 Prime, appear to have tapered off completely. And based on an anonymous tip passed on to Phone Arena, that might be because the device...
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HTC Dot View Case Open

HTC Dot View Case for the HTC One M8. A Cool Idea that Needs Work.

HTC has been on an up and down spiral over the last couple of years as Samsung took the lead in the Android smartphone race.  That’s not to say they haven’t made some awesome hardware, but they lost their way a couple of years ago and flooded the market with too many options...
HTC One E8

The plastic unibody HTC One E8 has been officially Announced

Is the HTC One M8 a bit too full-on for you? Perhaps something a little bit less aluminium is a bit more up your alley. Well, if you are one of those people, the HTC One E8 that has been announced today may be the phone for you. The One E8 trades its aluminium metal unibody for a polycarbonate...
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The ‘HTC One Wear’ Running Android Wear could be Out by End of Summer

The smartwatch market is going to be no doubt booming this year. Smartwatches have already grabbed the attention of consumers with various different style watches already out there for you to buy, but now we have Android Wear; the new Android-based smartwatch OS, that Google announced...
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HTC Desire 816 Price In India

HTC Desire 816 starts selling in India at INR 25,000

The HTC Desire 816 finally went on sale in India this week at a price tag of INR 24,000. HTC Desire 816, a mid-range phablet was announced during MWC earlier this year. It comes with a large 5.5 inch HD screen, quad-core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, dual SIM card slots and a 13 MP camera...
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HTC One M8 in hand

HTC One M8 Review.

HTC was once a dominant source of Android phones until Samsung took the lead with the Galaxy series of devices.  It can be such simple ideas and changes that make or break how successful a phone can be.  Mobile phones are so advanced today it’s hard for designer to distinguish their...
HTC One M8 Serious Technical Considerations

[VIDEO] More HTC One M8 Serious Technical Considerations, this time on the Duo Camera

The unsung heroes of HTC‘s marketing machine have been the dynamic duo that were first featured in HTC’s “Technical Translations” videos. Clearly these video advertisements are working as HTC has continued to use the two characters in a new line of videos called...
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red HTC One M8

A red HTC One M8 spotted in photos from Taiwan

We’ve seen the HTC One M8 in quite a few colours now including blue, gold, platinum and even pink. The latest variation of the device spotted in the wild is a red HTC One M8 which was seen in HTC‘s home country of Taiwan. In the fairly extensive run-down, the source takes...
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