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HTC poaches Samsung Galaxy marketing guru

HTC poaches Samsung Galaxy marketing guru, looking for “The Next Big Thing”

HTC‘s marketing in the past year has been wildly hit and miss; the slightly absurd Here’s To Change campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. was met with very mixed opinions though its HTC Technical Translations videos seemed to be a lot more popular. Either way, HTC is probably...
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htc nexus phone

What would a HTC Nexus phone look like? Greg Ives thinks he Knows

There’s been a lot of noise about Nexus phones and manufacturers ever since the Nexus 5 was released. Who will the next Nexus phone be made by? What version of Android will it be running? This is all just pure conjecture, but it keeps the rumour mill turning. I know that I personally...
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gold Samsung Galaxy S5

“Oh, it’s on!”: Samsung sends John Legere a gold Samsung Galaxy S5 of its Own

Shots have now been fired. Earlier today, we reported that HTC America had sent T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, a HTC One M8 with a 24 carat gold finish as a gift, a photo of which he happily posted on his Twitter account. Not content to be beaten out by HTC, Samsung Mobile US has gifted to...
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Robert Downey Jr. Gets Serious in New HTC One (M8) Video

Remember when HTC announced that Robert Downey Jr. was going to show up in HTC commercials? Iron Man promoting the all metal phone seemed like it couldn’t go wrong. Sadly, it didn’t exactly go right, and many of us wondered how much longer Downey was going to continue his...
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gold-plated HTC One M8

Go For Gold: gold-plated HTC One M8 to be available in the Middle East

Many of you will recognise the above device as the 24-carat gold HTC One that was released last year to commemorate the MOBO 18 awards, and shortly after that, HTC launched a slightly-less expensive (and gaudy) gold HTC One for general consumption. It’s reception was definitely...
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HTC One M8 False Benchmarks! Galaxy S5 has the Best Display! – ManDroid Quickie

Welcome my Android friends. Time to give you some of that precious Android news in a hurry. At least I hope it is in a hurry. Last week, I started doing this type of video just to relieve some of the burden of my double life as a workforce, 8-5 worker, and balancing the YouTube life....
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Both Samsung and HTC Unveil New Glove Wearable Technology [MUST SEE]

The smartwatch is making a bigger splash in the mobile tech world this year, but what is next when it comes to wearable technology? How about…a glove? Why not? Remember the Nintendo Power Glove? That little piece of 90′s technology was fantastic, so let’s see OEMs take...
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HTC One M8 benchmark

Caught red-handed: HTC has been boosting HTC One M8 benchmark Scores

You might recall that late last year, it was found that Samsung had been boosting the benchmark scores of several of its flagship devices, not least of all the Galaxy Note 3 (read about those accusations here). This definitely isn’t the first time that it has been revealed that...
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Optus makes the HTC One M8

Optus makes the HTC One M8 available on 1st April, taking preorders Now

While the newly announced HTC One M8 goes on sale in America, you might be wondering when the new HTC flagship is going to be available in your corner of the world. In Australia, Optus makes the HTC One M8 available on 1st AprilĀ (unless it’s an extremely cruel April Fool’s...
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htc dot view case

[VIDEO] HTC Dot View case makes for one desperately good looking Accessory

Now that the 2014 HTC One is finally official, now we can find out all its lovely little secrets, including that flip cover that was leaked prior to the device’s announcement. While the leak seemed to suggest that the flip cover would only serve as a notification screen, a video...
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Gary Oldman HTC One M8 Comemercials

“Blah, Blah, Blah. Go Ahead, Ask the Internet” HTC One M8 Commercials Start Rolling Out

Quite possibly one of my favorite aspects of a new device announcement is how the manufacturer, or even the specific carriers, plan to market the device in online video ads and TV spots. A few short hours after the announcement of the new HTC One M8, two commercial variants have hit YouTube...
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