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Gold Moto 360

Is a Gold Moto 360 on the cards in the future? Motorola removes suspect watchface on website

The Motorola Moto 360 has been hitting people’s wrists for a few weeks now and the general consensus is that it is the best Android Wear smartwatch out there now, but by no means does that mean it is perfect. Battery life appears to be the biggest sticking point, but with careful...
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Motorola Releases Behind the Scenes Video for their New Moto X Commercials

You have no doubt seen the New Moto X and Moto 360 commercials Motorola released not too long ago, and we can all agree the marketing team knew how to show off the new features. Being that I am the YouTuber of the bunch, I love seeing behind the scenes footage that shows the process...
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Four New Motorola Apps for the New Moto X Hit the Play Store

For those of you that were lucky enough to pre-order your New Moto X; Motorola decided to release four different apps into the Play Store to keep you updated and happy. We love it that OEMs are releasing their most crucial apps into the Play Store so we don’t have to wait for an...
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Republic Wireless Moto E

Republic Wireless picking up the Moto E in October, yours for $99

Republic Wireless combines the power of Wi-Fi calling with Sprint’s 3G network to bring what they call hybrid calling to consumers. The company has started off pretty strong with the original Moto X which was followed up by the even more affordable Moto G. Sticking with Motorola,...
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New Moto X

New Moto X up for order, including the Pure Edition

Motorola’s second generation Moto X is certainly a thing of beauty and finally you can start customizing your Moto X today, in the US at least. The 5.2-inch 1080p screen toting device is available for pre-order through AT&T with a 2-year contract for just $99.99. If you opt...
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new Moto X wallpapers

[Download] The new Moto X wallpapers are available here now for your viewing pleasure

Motorola went all out last week, announcing its full range of new devices to great effect. Chief among these releases was the new Moto X, which was joined by the release of the Moto 360 smartwatch, the new Moto G, and the nifty Moto Hint Bluetooth earpiece. Motorola’s latest flagship...
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new moto g

The new Moto G gets a video and official page on Motorola website

Motorola seems to be on a roll today. Just as we thought the 4th might pass by without any Motorola related news, several videos dropped to show us Motorola’s latest products including the new Moto X, Moto 360 and Moto Hint. You can now add the new Moto G to that list as its video...
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New Moto X

The New Moto X, Moto 360 and Mini Bluetooth Moto Hint have official Videos

Looks like it game time for Motorola and their suite of new offerings. We know they are bringing the new Moto X, Moto G, the Moto 360 and mini Bluetooth earbud of sorts. While some valued members of the press got to have some nice hands on time earlier today, the rest of us have to wait...
Moto 360 battery life

Looks like someone is in trouble, Moto 360 images surface online

Everyone that has impatiently been waiting for the Moto360 to finally make its appearance were sorely beaten today when they found out the event was a behind closed doors event for the press. The actual news of the Android Wear toting watch everyone wants is actually going to start going...
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Motorola Droid

Droid Landing Twitter account alerts to “Reactivation fast approaching”

The Droid Landing twitter account has been the feed for all things Motorola Droid over the years. They have made announcements, run contest and pushed out all sort of information. The twitter account has been silent for quite some time, December of last year to be exact, when they retweeted...
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The Moto X+1 Gets a Leaked Close Look

The Moto X+1 should be announced later this week, but TK Tech News got a sort of exclusive look at the new phone, and talked about it in a new video. I myself also made a video about what was shown in the exclusive, and a must say, the successor of the Moto X is looking fancy. The two...
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