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Moto 360 successor

Moto 360 successor could be out as soon as early next year

The Moto 360 has been out for just over 2 months now and in that time has already become the best selling Android Wear device during the third quarter. For the longest time, it had tech fans everywhere drooling over it’s incredibly...
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Motorola Gallery Material Design

Motorola Camera and Gallery apps update with Material Design makeovers and new features

A new update is rolling out  for the Motorola Camera and the associated Motorola Gallery apps today. Both updates bring in some new Material Design elements to the UI that are sure to please many die-hard Android fans out there. The...
Moto 360

The Moto 360 tops the charts in Android Wear market

The Moto 360 has been the poster boy for Android Wear ever since it was first announced. Despite several months passing between than and when it was actually released, it seemed to only build more hype in that time as it appeared to encompass...
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Moto G is the first smartphone to get Android Lollipop

The 2014 Moto G is the first smartphone to get Android Lollipop

Of course Motorola is actually the first to update its devices. After LG surprised us by saying that it would update its LG G3 starting this week, we almost thought there might be a new sheriff in town. However, if what Ars Technica is...
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Moto 360

Motorola Announces more choices for the Moto 360 with new metals, interchangeable bands and More

Not that long ago a set of details made their way out that Motorola had some new Moto 360 offerings on the way. Today the company makes the news official by announcing new metals, new interchangeable bands, and enhanced user experiences. First...
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Motorola Moto Maxx Official, Headed to Brazil and Mexico First

The newest Motorola device to grace the globe has been announced today via the Motorola Blog. As expected, the Moto Maxx is the Droid Turbo minus all the Verizon and Droid branding.   Users can expect to find the same great 5.2-inch...
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Moto X for Heidi Klum

Motorola customizes a Moto X for Heidi Klum to match her extravagant Halloween costume

Halloween has come and gone again for another year with plenty of crazy and awesome costumes circulating the Internet in its aftermath. One of the craziest costumes from the day definitely has to be Heidi Klum’s butterfly costume...
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Google Nexus 6 in India

Google Nexus 6 in India soon? Flipkart puts up a preemptive listing

The Google Nexus 6 has been available to pre-order for almost a week now, but only in the US, so the question on everyone else’s lips is when will the device become available globally. We’ve had assurances that pre-orders in...
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Moto X 2014 with football leather cover

One for the football fans: Moto X 2014 with football leather cover coming in late November

When Motorola introduced the original Moto X, it launched with it arguably one of its more interesting services, the Moto Maker. While we don’t have stats on how effective it is in driving sales or engaging customers, the idea of...
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HelloMoto Motorola a Lenovo Company

Motorola Finally Officially Joins Lenovo

At the end of January word spread quickly that Lenovo would be buying Motorola Mobility from Google. All parties in the mater had worked out the deal and shook hands, but it isn’t quite that simple. It had to be approved by various...
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Motorola DROID Turbo

Motorola DROID Turbo Finally Official, Available Oct. 30th starting at $199

The last few weeks have been a flurry of leaks about the Motorola DROID Turbo. We got our hands on some legitimate images of the actual device, saw the users manual, caught various renders and seemingly caught all the specs for the next...
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