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Moto X+1 Custom Back Covers Show Up in New List

Mr. @evleaks is at again with some leakage, this time having to do with the Moto X+1. Apparently the mystery device will be highly customizable (duh) and users will be able to grab themselves a custom back cover, which of course will be in the Moto Maker whenever this device hits. So...
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moto x + 1

Leak points to a certain ‘Moto X + 1′ coming soon; could this be the Moto X Successor?

There have been several rumours linked to Motorola for some time now; these rumours include a smartwatch, a successor to the Moto X, and a possible phablet device. We of course know that the smartwatch is going to be a reality, to be released as the Moto 360, however we have heard precious...
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Moto X and Moto G

Motorola gives the Moto X and Moto G a new boot animation as a April Fool’s Day Treat

April Fool’s Day is typically a day of tricks and misdirection, so it’s nice to see Motorola give its own take on the day of tricksters by giving us a nice little treat instead. For owners of the┬áMoto X and Moto G, you may have noticed your Motorola Boot Services app was...
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Republic Wireless App on Moto X

Hands-On with Republic Wireless and the Moto X; Surprisingly Great Setup

Republic Wireless might not be a name you have heard of, but it is a name you should pay close attention to. In the cell industry we all know the big names, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Some have their own little pre-pad spin offs, like Sprint with Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile....
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Moto 360 It's Time Android Wear Motorola

It’s Time: Meet Moto 360 Hangout Video Talks Design and a Little Bit More

Motorola had a live Hangout this morning at 11 a.m. PST to offer up a sneak peak and talk about design of the Moto 360 watch. I missed it unfortunately, but the video is live and available for you to watch on your own time. If you can’t spare the 22 minutes to watch the whole thing,...
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Moto 360 It's Time Android Wear Motorola

Moto 360 Announced by Motorola; It’s Time

This morning we got to see what Google has been up to in regards to wearables with the announcement of the Android Wear platform. Int heir piece we saw a few videos, one for general use and one for developers. They also mentioned that they have been working with a number of manufacturers...
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9 New Colors Added to the Moto Maker for the Moto X

Even though Motorola was sold to Lenovo in a deal no one really saw coming, the Moto X is still one of the best phones that came out last year. Even though many people, for some reason, felt like their Moto X was rendered useless after the acquisition, Motorola still plans on keep the...
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Motorola Touchless Controls

“What’s Up” Command added to Motorola Touchless Control Update

Motorola pushed an update out for the Touchless Control app for the various supported Moto devices tonight. The update adds quite a few little things that are pretty cool. In addition to the usual bug fixes listing, the update also offers up enhanced end-of-speech detection for improved...

Watch ‘An Evening with Motorola’ from MWC

For those of you that might have missed the half hour long sit down with Motorola executives, Moto was kind enough to upload the video for you to watch at your disposal. Many questions are answered by the men of Moto. Questions that involved future plans of the company, and the...
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Motorola Moto X

The Motorola Moto X will be coming to India and Australia in a few Weeks

When the Motorola Moto X was first launched, it showed itself to be a tantalizingly different device than anything on the market at that time, but probably the greatest shame at that time was the fact that the Moto X would only be sold in Motorola‘s native America. While the Moto...
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Motomaker coming to Europe, new Moto X Q3

New Moto X and Smartwatch Confirmed, MotoMaker Headed to More Countries

Looks like a simple Q&A at Mobile World Congress with Motorola executives about the state of Motorola after the news that Lenovo would be attempting to acquire, them turned into quite a bit of other news. The panel consisted of Rich Osterloh, Steve Horowitz, and Mark Randall, and...
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