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Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

At loggerheads: Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

Over the last few months, we’ve heard plenty of reports that Samsung has started to comply with Google guidelines more at Google’s request. Things like TouchWiz customization and Samsung Apps have been tuned down a lot since then, so you might have been forgiven for thinking...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Can’t handle the heat: Samsung Galaxy Tab S overheating has caused warping of back Cover

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S launched to much fanfare because of its extremely clear displays, courtesy of Samsung‘s very special Super AMOLED displays. Unfortunately though, it appears the rest of the device might not be handling its graphical prowess so well with users reporting...
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August 13th is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy F

August 13th is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy F (or Alpha), says ETNews

The Samsung Galaxy F has been in and out of the news lately with nothing particularly concrete surfacing; apart from knowing what the device will likely look like thanks to quite a few press renders of the device, the release date of the Galaxy F has been a grey area. Thankfully though,...
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samsung gear vr

Samsung Gear VR is coming and this is what it looks Like

A few months ago, we heard the rumour that Samsung was ambitiously working on a virtual reality headset that would eventually be used with their own smartphones and tablets. Today, another piece of the puzzle falls into place with the name of the device, the Samsung Gear VR, being leaked...
Samsung's Campinas factory

The Brazilian Job: Thieves hit Samsung’s Campinas factory, steal $36 million worth of Gear

All the action really is happening in Brazil. While the World Cup has been going on, an ambitious heist has occurred in Campinas, Brazil, specifically at Samsung‘s Campinas factory, where thieves have allegedly taken around 40,000 laptops, phones, and tablets that are estimated...
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samsung galaxy s5 mini

Samsung officially launches the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with proportionally shrunk Specs

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 earlier this year, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Samsung announced a Mini version of its newest flagship. Sure enough, Samsung has today announced the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, a device which shrinks the S5′s 5.1-inch display...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 KitKat Screen

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Finally Gets KitKat with Android 4.4.2 Update

I’ve been running KitKat on my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for some time now, but the day has finally arrived for AT&T to release the official 4.4.2 KitKat update to the public.  AT&T is just about the last of all the carriers to release the update, but at least they...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumoured to launch after IFA 2014, ready for mass Production

While the Android world’s collective gaze has turned to San Francisco for Google I/O 2014, the rumour mill continues to turn in the background. The latest rumour comes from Korea and says that Samsung is all geared up to mass produce its phablet offering for this year, the Samsung...
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August 13th is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy F

Another render of the Samsung Galaxy F in glowing gold leaks out, definitely not the Galaxy S5 LTE-A

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A was announced earlier this week, many people said that this was the Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime that we had been waiting for, however we were very adamant that this wasn’t the case. Sure enough, another leak from king of leaks, @evleaks, has seemingly...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

AnTuTu benchmark leaks supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs including Snapdragon 805

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the AnTuTu benchmark database because you never know what will turn up. The latest discovery from the depths of the database is what appears to be benchmarks from two different variants of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With the release...
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Samsung Galaxy F gets spotted in gold

The Samsung Galaxy F gets spotted in gold, allegedly launching in September

A pair of leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy F, also known as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, have come to light recently. The first relates to the above press render, which shows the Galaxy F in gold, with the “brushed metal” back of the device bearing the brunt of the gaudy...
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