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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Need a bulletproof shield? How about a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Instead

Many of us were confused by Samsung‘s move to release the Samsung Galaxy Mega line of devices, particularly the gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. As it turns out, we now know exactly what it was made for (don’t quote me on that). A Chinese man has survived a gunshot thanks...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung to announce Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd, ahead of IFA 2014

Samsung has traditionally announced its new Galaxy Note devices around the time of the mobile convention, IFA, and it appears this year will be no different. The Korea Times is reporting that Samsung will indeed be announcing its next Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, on September...
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samsung q2 2014 earnings

Samsung Q2 2014 earnings show reduced profits as smartphone demand remains flat

Samsung Q2 2014 earnings were revealed in South Korea on Thursday, and though the company made a net profit 6.25 trillion Korean Won ($6.1 billion), the numbers also represented a stark decline of 19.6 percent from last year’s yield. In a statement, Samsung said that the weak...
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Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple

Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple for number 2 spot in China, Samsung next in Sights

Xiaomi is a name that is still very foreign in the Western smartphone market, though they have recently been on the radar courtesy of their bold “Hunger Marketing” campaigns which generally result in thousands of devices being sold in not much time at all. While that in itself...
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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha display seemingly confirmed to be 720p

For some time we believed that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, or what we thought to be called the Galaxy F, was going to be a premium device offering something a bit more special than what the Galaxy S5 is. After a series of leaked photos of the device came out, it seems almost certain that...
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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha look like the Galaxy S2 born Again

Confusing things are happening in the Samsung world. It seems we may have been on a wild goose chase regarding the Samsung Galaxy F, a device that was expected to supersede the Galaxy S5 both in terms of performance and build quality. Instead, it appears Samsung is actually working towards...
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Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

At loggerheads: Google and Samsung are having a spat over Wearables

Over the last few months, we’ve heard plenty of reports that Samsung has started to comply with Google guidelines more at Google’s request. Things like TouchWiz customization and Samsung Apps have been tuned down a lot since then, so you might have been forgiven for thinking...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Can’t handle the heat: Samsung Galaxy Tab S overheating has caused warping of back Cover

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S launched to much fanfare because of its extremely clear displays, courtesy of Samsung‘s very special Super AMOLED displays. Unfortunately though, it appears the rest of the device might not be handling its graphical prowess so well with users reporting...
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August 13th is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy F

August 13th is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy F (or Alpha), says ETNews

The Samsung Galaxy F has been in and out of the news lately with nothing particularly concrete surfacing; apart from knowing what the device will likely look like thanks to quite a few press renders of the device, the release date of the Galaxy F has been a grey area. Thankfully though,...
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samsung gear vr

Samsung Gear VR is coming and this is what it looks Like

A few months ago, we heard the rumour that Samsung was ambitiously working on a virtual reality headset that would eventually be used with their own smartphones and tablets. Today, another piece of the puzzle falls into place with the name of the device, the Samsung Gear VR, being leaked...
Samsung's Campinas factory

The Brazilian Job: Thieves hit Samsung’s Campinas factory, steal $36 million worth of Gear

All the action really is happening in Brazil. While the World Cup has been going on, an ambitious heist has occurred in Campinas, Brazil, specifically at Samsung‘s Campinas factory, where thieves have allegedly taken around 40,000 laptops, phones, and tablets that are estimated...
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