Some good news for developers and custom ROM enthusiasts! Dell has finally released the source code for the Dell Streak mini tablet which runs Android.

A few weeks ago, Dell responded to accusations from the open source developer community that the company had failed to release some source code components for the Streak.

Dell issued a statement via twitter that they had reviewed the concerns and were working to comply. The GNU General Public License (GPL) requires software governed by the license to make changes made to the software publicly available. I guess we can say Dell complied!

The Streak, which was released in the UK in June and in the US in July, uses a version of Android 1.6 based on a Linux kernel, which falls under the GPL.

The Dell Streak source code is now available for download HERE. I wonder which developers will take on the Streak first? Source code releases always make the AOSP ecosystem better!

Source: Android Central, ZDNet

  • Scott Piercy

    Just a tiny clarification. As far as I am aware, apart from the kernel (GPLv2), Android uses the Apache Software License 2.0.