I was alerted to this video by a fellow Android enthusiast over at Androidpolice just moments ago. We felt it was very important to share with everyone. As you can see this is an actual hands on demo of the much anticipated Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet.

In the video you will see an actual rundown of the Eden UI, a handful of Notion Ink’s custom applications, and a very nice look at the USB and HDMI support. I particularly was impressed with how easily it read a thumb drive and was able to utilize a wireless mouse. Talk about taking the tablet experience up a notch. The video was created by Rohan Shravan the CEO of Notion Ink. Please take a look at this amazing video demonstration.

Androidpolice was also able to recently nail down an interview with Rohan Shravan. If you would like check that out, follow the link for the source below.

Source: Androidpolice

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