We recently received a tip from someone who claims to work internally at T-Mobile.  The information in the tip has just confirmed everything we have ever thought about Samsung, OTA’s and new devices.

Our source has confirmed that there is already a fully functioning 2.2 OTA update ready to be pushed out by T-Mobile but Samsung has told them NOT to release the update for fear of it decreasing the value of the newly announced Vibrant 4G+. Further information has revealed that not only is the Samsung Vibrant 4G nothing more than a Vibrant with a front facing camera (FFC), but the software update would also enable the same 4G speeds that we are already capable of. The only thing missing at this point is a nice little 4G icon on your screen, which is in the update as well.  This is questionable as the hardware needs to support HSDPA+ for this to work, but you never know.

Quote from our Tipster:

Some disturbing things have happened the last week or so concerning our “Vibrant”.  Samsung has NOT allowed us to push the update OTA for 2.2 because they feel it will decrease the value of the upcoming Vibrant4G +. While from a marketing aspect i totally understand, as the Vibrant 4G is what the original Vibrant should have been in the 1st place. But to shun off and bold face lie to customers is NOT what T-Mobile is about.

…Being that, Vibrant 4G and Vibrant have exactly same stats, added FFC and a new movie and the 4G. But i will tell you this, the original vibrant CAN utilize 4G FULLY. Yes FULLY. not what they are telling you.

This recent information just solidifies our previous thoughts about the the recent device announcement. It’s nothing more then what we already have with the addition of a FFC. News like this also makes me shift more of my frustrations away from T-Mobile and more toward the manufacturers making life extremely difficult.

So what is Samsung doing? I’m not really sure at this point. Everything points to the company being dead set on sales numbers instead of keeping the people that have made them millions happy. If this is Samsung’s business model it sure is not going to keep them in the front running for very long.

We have contacted Samsung and are currently waiting for them to respond.

UPDATE: The source of this information contacted us once more with a little update about the 4G performance he mentioned.  This is what he said:

We have already put it out there that most of out devices would see a speed boost with the new network. Just the Vibrant will see a bit more. So I dont see why that is such a huge surprise to your readers. But not full 4G.

So as you can read, it’s not going to be full 4G compatibility, but he does say that the Vibrant will get a bigger advantage from the upgrade than other phones on the network.  I think we’d all like to see any increase in speed no matter how small it is.

We cannot validate nor deny this speculation at this time, however we are just relaying the information provided to us.

  • Pierceye

    Why is this not at all surprising news?

  • Nathan lundie

    Really now? What the heck! I feel like I have given them a chance but if this turns out to be true that is extremely frustrating!

  • Winston

    I don’t think this is true at all. It’s one thing to hold back the Vibrant, but Nexus S doesn’t support HSPA+ either, so I think the support isn’t in the hardware.

    • Todd

      the supoort is in the hardware – there are a half dozen leaked Froyo builds for the Vibrant easily available.

      • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

        The support for froyo is there..not for 4g…even getting the ffc working with the existing hardware has been a pain for some of the best devs out there

    • https://androidspin.com Simon N. Walker

      I’m skeptical about this part also. But you never know.

    • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

      Agreed…this does not sound right…we have to wait for official announcements rather than relying on this so called leaked info…
      The hardware isn’t there and the vibrant 4g isn’t what the vibrant was supposed to be..thvibrantt IS what it was supposed to be…have all these rumors made everyone forget what this phone is capable of??? Granted its the community that released its full potential…but don’t forget that samsung didn’t lock it down…where as the g2 by htc was!!! Wait and see before jumping to conclusions

    • M S Johnson

      Samsung Troll

  • HTC

    And thats why Samsux!!

  • Anonymous

    Breaking news! Manufacturers care only about the current quarter’s bottom line! Filmateleven.

    Seriously though, was there ever any questions on who is holding up the firmware upgrades on phones? This is exactly why I refuse to buy hardware that is locked down.

  • Das_Negros

    What kind of pucky bullsnot is this mularkey. I have just as everyone else been waiting for 2.2 for my Vibrant. If it wasn’t for my Droid work phone it would have been rooted or booted. And BTW….we can actually buy the camera and install it ourselves ! Thanks Samsung…………..Bastards

  • Das_Negros

    What kind of pucky bullsnot is this mularkey. I have just as everyone else been waiting for 2.2 for my Vibrant. If it wasn’t for my Droid work phone it would have been rooted or booted. And BTW….we can actually buy the camera and install it ourselves ! Thanks Samsung…………..Bastards

  • http://twitter.com/EmptyKoolAidCup EmptyKoolAidCup

    T-Mobile needs to reverse the anger and tell Samsung NO NEW CRAP UNTIL YOU UPDATE WHAT WE HAVE!

    • Pjmandrik

      And samsung will say ok im sure AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other sub cariers will buy our phones.

      • Basiix

        They already do…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_62PDCPKCUZ67C55BWMMLNFGDXM Robbie Pritts

        and they will do the same to their other customers and eventually people will see how samsung truly treats their customers

  • http://twitter.com/EmptyKoolAidCup EmptyKoolAidCup

    T-Mobile needs to reverse the anger and tell Samsung NO NEW CRAP UNTIL YOU UPDATE WHAT WE HAVE!

  • Riz

    I knew it! Something just didn’t smell right and that is the marketing/sales department of samsung. I hate you sammy, I really hate you!

  • http://twitter.com/mnguyea David Nguyen

    Well, this doesn’t surprise me after the scandal of Lee Kun-hee Samsung’s CEO and just how the company operates in general. They are in the market of SELLING their phones and that’s about it. They don’t care much about their customers.

    Instead of just complaining do something.

    I’m sure if just 1% 10 million Galaxy phone owners emailed, called, blogged to voice their disapproval Samsung will bow down to it because like all Asian culture it is about not losing face and when you put that to the public if forces their hand.

  • Michael

    Time for T-Mobile to man up and push the OTA regardless of what Samsung says. If they do, it will show that they care about their customers and it will show Samsung that these sorts of shenanigans aren’t tolerated.

    • Winston

      And if something goes wrong and Samsung doesn’t support it due to premature release?

  • Abc

    Samsung you morons, you have already lost a mill+ customers in the US.

  • Krylon360

    If they have the OTA ready to push, then JL5 is the OTA.
    I leaked this almost 3 weeks ago. Go enjoy it.
    STOCK ODIN .tar and rooted ODEX/DEODEX versions are posted on XDA.

    • http://twitter.com/compuguy Alex Hall

      If that is true….then why doesn’t JL5 show/indicate HSPDA+???

    • sombionix

      I don’t think JL5 is the final product….but very close to it. I think if and when they ever release 2.2 OTA, there will be some code changes.

      • Jokersax

        the only difference between the two radios is the ogvibrant uses 16qam were the new vib uses 64qam 64qam could be achived if you combine qpsk and 16qam at the same time(dual band). it is possible the vibrant already could do this and is disabled by modem file. too bad no one has vibrant modem source

    • Winston

      And JL5 doesn’t provide 4G support.

  • Krylon360

    If they have the OTA ready to push, then JL5 is the OTA.
    I leaked this almost 3 weeks ago. Go enjoy it.
    STOCK ODIN .tar and rooted ODEX/DEODEX versions are posted on XDA.

  • Krylon360

    If they have the OTA ready to push, then JL5 is the OTA.
    I leaked this almost 3 weeks ago. Go enjoy it.
    STOCK ODIN .tar and rooted ODEX/DEODEX versions are posted on XDA.

  • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

    The fact that this source is saying its samsung doing this and this is not what t-mobile is about..and that the original vibrant is fully capable of 4g is what makes it impossible to trust this source…

    If the 4g version specs are what the leaks say…BOTH samsung AND T-mobile would not release the froyo update because they BOTH benefit from the sales…don’t be naive and think t-mobile would be all righteous about it…i worked for them for 2 years..they have all of us vibrant owners in 2 year contracts.. They don’t need us anymore…they want new customers and holding back a froyo release to raise the value of this theoretical 4g vibrant would be in their interest as well.

  • Robnok

    We need documentation! If true and prove-able, then would’t this be some sort of collusion? Would that not open them up for litigation? FTC, FCC, SEC, or class-action law firm, anybody out there?

  • JG

    Regarding the OTA update…this is Samsungs’ history. This is not the first time they have done this! When you buy a Samsung phone, don’t expect an update…..root your phone an apply one.

  • http://twitter.com/Eugene_373 BH_MAN / Eugene373

    The HSPA don’t bother me that much, but if they are Holding Off the OTA due to the Release of the Phone. Ugh!

    • sombionix

      I agree. I think its time we all sent Samsung some hate mail.

      • http://twitter.com/Eugene_373 BH_MAN / Eugene373

        I’m on Board with ya 😀

      • Swehes

        already did. Both over chat and email.

        • http://twitter.com/Eugene_373 BH_MAN / Eugene373

          The Thing People has to realize, is the Phone Supports HSPA, just not HSPA+. So yeah the 4G Icon is going to work.. Look at the First JP3 build I put out for the Vibrant, we had a fully working H icon when we was on HSPA vs. UMTS that we get now… This might be what he mean, but the hardware does not support HSPA+…

      • http://twitter.com/watcher64 watcher64

        I already did and called up TMO and gave them some hell, but as a bonus they are now giving me a free upgrade worth $200 whenever I want to take it

  • http://twitter.com/Eugene_373 BH_MAN / Eugene373

    The HSPA don’t bother me that much, but if they are Holding Off the OTA due to the Release of the Phone. Ugh!

  • Gagb

    This is just BS. They could have released the 2.2 version without updating drivers to full HSPA, the Vibrant is not capable on full HSDPA but HSPA with a max download thoretical of 7.2 mbps, while the new Vibrant is capable thoretical up to 21 mbps, and actual “4G” phones are being able to push 14.4 mbps on tmo.

    • Mo713

      That depends because the sprint epic 4g comes with a governor on how fast its 4g can be and the devs have been able to disable it. Who’s to say the vibrant didn’t ship with a similar governor?

  • Jerzeeloon

    Thank god for the android dev community because at the rate these companies make there own handsets obsolete,the devs are the only thing keeping the current devices relevent.I love google,android,and the dev community,but fuck the greedy carriers and hardware manufacturers.

  • Mo713

    Alright I just want t know the release date of the Vibrant 4G. that way the guys over at xda can port the kernal and the FFC on my original can be finally be fully functional.

  • Lindy Hendrickson

    FYI….in the beginning, T-mobile ordered the Vibrant without the FFC. Who is to dispute whether or not this was there intentions as well???

    • Calvinwatterson

      No they didn’t get your facts straight. Wasn’t offered. Look at all the other galaxy s phones is us. No other ones have it either.

      • http://twitter.com/Guticb Bojan Gutic

        False. The Epic has it. It WAS offered, so you need to get YOUR facts straight.

        In fact, the Epic also has a camera flash.

  • Jacob

    I just got a Vibrant a month ago, and I’ve been waiting for the 2.2 update. If this turns out to be true then Samsung will have lost a customer. This is simply unacceptable.

    • parelem

      right there with you

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Anderson/1295700306 Trevor Anderson

        same here.

        • http://devin-gaughan.blogspot.com Devin


        • http://www.facebook.com/schneitj Tom Schneider

          Yeah, I don’t think this is acceptable behavior by either company.

        • http://twitter.com/opsdrums Joey Johnson

          Same here, bought TWO of them two montsh ago with the salesman using the froyo upgrade as a way to “sell” me, he promised it would be out BEFORE the end of the year, false advertising?

  • Anonymous

    I said it once! If t mobile does this I’m leaving!

  • Ghoff15

    They better release an update be4 the 4g release, they will lose alot of customers

  • David

    Class Action Aw Suit and US Attry General needs to look at them like they did with MS (IE)….Samsung ‘s CEO needs to leave as the honorable thing.

  • Dsnuts02

    I want my update dammit!

  • David

    gotta love htc right about now. they can’t beat xda at rolling out updates, but they sure do beat samsung.

  • http://twitter.com/Eugene_373 BH_MAN / Eugene373

    The Update more-less Covers what I posted an hour ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GinUwiNLady Moira Washington

    that”s effed up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mpratt62 Michael John Pratt

    Its the behold 2 all over again but worse. I’m stuck with crappy T-Mo and that means Samsung, cause they are the only ones putting out decent phones even though they refuse to give updates in a timely fashion.

    But both companies would definitely be involved in a hold back, if this is true, which I didnt even need to read this to know. Luckily we have Eugene373, Team whiskey, as well as many others working hard to give us updates and the like. Just wish I wasnt stuck with Samsung or T-Mo. (I still have a couple upgrades left, might have to get the new vibrant, although it kills me to do it.)

    • Calvinwatterson

      how you figure only samsung has good phones? Mytouch 4g, G2? what are those. I like t-mobile just not the crap samsung is doing.

  • http://twitter.com/s_hunter shunter

    And this my friends is why I will be switching over to the LG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Anderson/1295700306 Trevor Anderson

      i So hope the LG optimus x2 ia coming to t-mobile. im going to get that the first day i can. if possible.

    • Tinkerhell

      Hey!! My husband sent this over to me this morning – http://blogs.computerworld.com/17649/android_upgrades?source=CTWNLE_nlt_dailyam_2011-01-13

      Turns out: HTC, Motorola provide updates and Samsung, LG, Dell do not.

  • Brian

    Correct me if I am wrong. But, JL5 does not have work JIT. No speed increase over 2.1, just better stability.

    I am running JL5 right now and aside from some tweaks, its the same thing. Also my GPS still doesn’t work. It did under Ji6, but that ended quick enough. I will agree with the others, this is the last Samsung phone I will be buying. I may even pay the ETF and move to sprint.

  • http://twitter.com/BiGMERF Marvin Feliciano

    Wow I am not even surprised.. Not one bit, no one should be

  • http://twitter.com/stevedrz Steven Drzaszcz

    There seems to be credible evidence here that the original Vibrant, at least in theory should support 14.4 : Halfway down the page, it mentions the samsung vibrant using the infineon 5703, which on their site, lists Class 10 as the chip support (14.4 speed)


  • Fbjh

    Thats it im definetely leaving tmobile for this. Stupid company. The original european galaxy s already supports that, now they really want to screw us over just because the vibrant piece of sh!t sold like hot pancakes, they are trying to make us pay twice as much.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Anderson/1295700306 Trevor Anderson

      its not t-mobile is samsucks

    • Est1692

      Its not Tmobile its Samsung you Noob!!!

      • Michael

        T-Mobile is (so far) going along with the scheme. They’re in collusion, so both are to blame. T-Mobile has a way out though, they can release the OTA, Samsung sales figures be damned.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GRIFVUHCR7SCF2J4ACDIVSVGJM Hilton T.Y

    Stop waiting and just root people. This is an amazing phone if you get off the stock OS and use what’s out there. As a matter of fact, the roms out there are more advanced than the Froyo update will probably be since most of them dump touchwiz and make the phone lightning fast. As for HSPA+, if it’s that important buy another phone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CJU47K32P2WDQ3KTCZIC7ATHQY Francesco

    I knew since almost a year: you buy an expensive device with an expensive plan and you just hope for the good faith of your maker/carrier. And if the maker is Samsung prepare to be let down. I bought a Galaxy (not S) and I’m still stuck with a firmware with lot of problems and Android 1.6. But I shelved out 400€ and I’m not spending other money on a phone.

  • Anonymous

    As much as this sucks They by no means have to update the Galaxy S at all. Look at all the Android devices that that are still on 1.6 and wont receive an update at all. We can complain and moan all we want but it is not gonna matter in the long run. The companies lawyers would have had something in their contract to protect them in this case. Back to HTC for me

  • Anonymous

    Samsung is just cool like that dude.


  • Chuckiecanuckie

    Hi all I am from Canada. Samsung here is giving Bell a bad name here as well. I have called Samsung and you talk to people that are clueless could care less about costumers. I know if I root I would be better off but it would void my worenty. This is my second i9000m last one had no tv out and lots of problems with 2.2. Now the new one came with 2.2 but it still is having problems wifi, bluetooth, dropped calls, and after I hang up from a call it goes to my lock screen. But my tv out is good. Samsung even hung up on me when I had kies tell me there was an update and had Samsung Canada facebook telling me that there was one. They were telling me there was no update. I read the page told them kies had a popup telling me there was and was passed on to a superviser that still said there was none. I even told them to check the facebook page and they got pissed and hung up. Called back with no info (like my phone# and name and just said hear theres an update thats 3 hours old I hear people are happy. He told me that it came out the day before. I said why did I just get lied to and gave him names and said I even was hung up on. He couldn’t help me why I was having a crepto error. Figured the problem my self. I dont know what they do to the 2.2 code but maybe they should hire darky and the boys. I’ll stay away from Samsung next phone after Ive rooted this one after the worenty. Samsung better smarten up lots of other players coming on to play. My gps is crap my music through bluetooth keeps micro stoping dont happen with earbuds or back speaker but on bluetooth 2 differant stereo headphones. Worked ok on last phone before the 2.2 update. If there is a class action I want in too. The lawyers can keep the cash I just want a phone that works.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSIMR3M4YUWM4GKBXILV7YZZAI betoven

      i want in on the class action too, t-mobile hung up on me twice…. i want justice, i just paid $523 dollars two days ago and this is the service i get fron t-mobile? never again will i buy a samssung, or even worse theough t-mobile… and belive that next year im going with the big V….

  • Anonymous

    It’s a corporation. They need to make $$$ for their shareholders (and themselves). They also tend to think short-term. If it f’s up other people (like consumers) do you think they REALLY care?

    • Anonymous

      There’s such a thing as “enlightened self-interest.” Companies that foul their nest like this find customers flock elsewhere.

      The amazing thing to me is how Google reps proudly pronounce this as a sign of the health and even near-perfection of the Android philosophy: the networks and manufacturers can do with it whatever they want, and Google’s reputation is not at stake despite the fact that Google is making many of these claims about “free” and “open” that trip up consumers.

  • Blahblah

    Author: it’s “more than”, not “more then”.

  • T-Mobile Buyers Beware

    Just got off the phone after speaking with several T-Mobile representatives. The first person was probably the most honest who told me that release of 2.2 for the Vibrant might not happen because of the release to the new 4G phone. Could not see why I could have an issue with T-Mobile over a statement like that. Lucky for me I confirmed that I was off contract (beginning today) for the two phones I have with T-Mobile. Customer retention told me that it would be a shame for me to leave T-Mobile after so many years with them over the issue of a software release. The issue is lack of integrity on the part of T-Mobile. Shame on T-Mobile – they are in bed with Samsung and pretending that they have no say regarding release of 2.2 for loyal customers who bought the original Vibrant.

  • Anonymous

    I actually had a feeling something like this was going on. I hate SAMSUNG so much.

  • Mpic

    Is there some kind of lawsuit brewing here. When I bought my vibrant I was told it was getting froyo. This is false advertisment.

  • chris plotz

    Do I smell a lawsuit coming on. I think so.

  • chris plotz

    Do I smell a lawsuit coming on. I think so.

  • N20

    If this is the case that Samsung is holding it back from release, I will take this personally. I ve been waiting for th fryo update for months. I will not buy anymore Samsung products in my case. If I have a choice between similar products and Samsung happens to be one of them, I will choose another one over Samsung because of the way Samsung is treating its galaxy vibrant buyers. I will put my 200 plus dollars in another brand…my two cents.

  • Tonypana33

    this is bulls#@$ i feel that samsung its not fair with the vibrant buyers that was hoping for this update from day one, lie after lie about the release of the 2.2 update, and now the unveiling of these news, I feel that my next phone going to be a iphone on verizon… I feel dissapointed by t-mobile and samsung..

  • http://www.twitter.com/caltek79 caltek

    Just updated my Galaxy S Captivate yesterday. I have no beefs with Samsung….then again I am in Canada.

    • Udayvirk

      you got 2.2?

    • Craterrick

      so how is it done

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_62PDCPKCUZ67C55BWMMLNFGDXM Robbie Pritts

    Even though I already have 2.2 on my vibrant through a few websites i have found … im officially done buying anything from samsung ever again….to promise their buyers froyo 2.2 and then taking it back to make a buck is just wrong ….ill never buy another cell phone from samsung as long as I live…and will make sure i get the news out there ..how samsung screws their customers…….

  • ahmed