CM9 Asus Eee Pad Transformer

It surely didn’t take long for this to happen, considering the official Ice Cream Sandwich OTA update was released for the Asus Transformer less than 48 hours ago here in the United States. If you own the tablet and you’ve waited for the day to come when you’d be able to get a taste of CyanogenMOD 9, wait no longer because that day is here, thanks to an unofficial ROM compiled by daxtsu and whitekidney from the XDA Forums. Excitingly enough, the build looks to be pretty darn smooth too, with only a few bugs that need to be worked out. Have a look below for the odds and ins:

Build date: 25th Feb 2012


Cyanogenmod 9.0.0-RC0-tf101-KANG IML74K
Stock Kernel(, [email protected]#1)
Android 4.0.3


Latest superuser & busybox
Pure CM9, no custom apps or wallpapers
Stock Kernel(, [email protected]#1)
No bloatware from ASUS

Working hardware:

Bluetooth(tether not tested, it should work)
3D acceleration
HW video acceleration
MicroSD(with a minor fix, see below)
Keyboard Dock(with minor bugs, see below)
USB ports on dock
Camera, both front and rear, and panarama mode doesn’t hang


MicroSD/USB sticks won’t mount automatically without a small fix on first boot. We’re working on a better fix.
Face unlock is enabled, but fails when trying to unlock(requires entering PIN).
Logcat of faceunlock: E/LockPatternKeyguardView( 167): Layout does not have faceLockAreaView and FaceLock is enabled
Onscreen touch keyboard pops up when docked, when tapping text boxes.
GPS might be slow to lock(it is for me).
Reboot to Recovery menu option doesn’t work yet.
Dock battery level not detected
When plugged into a PC via USB, it shows it’s charging, when it’s really not.

Minor dock bugs:

The following soft keys do NOT work as of yet:
Wifi, bluetooth, trackpad/touchpad, brightness down, brightness up, auto brightness, camera, settings, mute
The following hotkeys DO work:
browser, media playlist back, play/pause media, media playlist forward, volume down, volume up, lock

I’m personally going to wait for a few more builds to be released and some of those bugs to get squashed before flashing, but there’s nothing really on that list that will stop the majority of you from wanting to test it out. As always, make a backup before heading over to the original thread for further information. With the recent news that official CM9 nightlies have begun rolling out for select devices, I’m hoping it won’t be long before our beloved Transformer makes the list.

If you decide to take the plunge, drop me a comment and let me know if you’ve decided to keep this ROM as a daily driver for now or not.