Resident Evil

Capcom is celebrating the launch of its latest addition to the ever popular Resident Evil franchise, Operation Raccoon City, by unleashing an “augmented reality zombie experience” on the United Kingdom. Beginning March 22nd, waves of undead flesh-eaters will walk the streets of Bristol, Manchester, and London. Fortunately, it’s only A.R. and you won’t actually see the walkers unless you’re rocking an Android phone with Capcom’s Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover app installed. On the down side, you actually have to be in one of the previously mentioned UK cities to take part in the game.

If you live in the UK (and are lucky enough to be chosen), you’ll even be treated to a “special live event, which will include a briefing from ‘experienced’ operatives and a hunt around the capital’s urban environment” — sounds pretty snazzy, eh? Unfortunately for us here in the States, we get no love. I almost feel shafted in this deal.

For more information, be sure to check out the Resident Evil micro-site or on the Capcom Facebook page. Then be sure to share you experiences with us if you decide to join in on all the fun, especially if you win.

Source: PocketGamer Via: DroidGamers