If you can’t make a device announcement at a major trade show, then holding your own personal press event is the next best thing. Sometimes it is even a better option. Just think how fast things got lost in the shuffle of IFA. With Samsung announcing the Galaxy Note II, anything HTC might have planned could have been easily lost and forgotten. Now HTC is sending out invites for an upcoming press even set in New York on September 19th stating “Join HTC to see what’s next.”

The invite is rather bland and doesn’t offer up any clues directly. At the bottom there is a little blue half circle and blue dot though. It has a very Sense like lockscreen appeal to it. Speculation points to several new smartphones including one or more Windows 8 devices. The fact that Android blogs are getting invites means something will be announced for us as well. We are banking on two primary devices along with some software. They should be announcing and showcasing the HTC One X+ variant that we have seen hit benchmarks and other  areas that is slated for T-mobile. They should also be showing of their 5-inch phablet type device as well. With the blue graphic at the bottom, we think some new Sense improvements are also likely.


  • http://www.electronicworkplace.com Tony

    Interesting – looking forward to reading more and finding out what the fuss is all about, though I doubt they’d be able to keep all the details under their hats until the 19th!

  • ChrisLH

    HTC needs to completely lose (or completely rework) Sense. I understand the need for branding, unfortunately, its negative branding at this point. It may have been necessary with early versions of Android, but with ICS and JB, stock Android is highly functional, consistent, and visually modern and appealing. At the very least, they should offer the option to use stock Android as a launcher instead of Sense.

    • https://androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      That would be a really great option. Or make stock OS devices with a play store app that would enable sense or something if the user chose to use it.