Update –  Since no one ever tells us what is going, we just assume all is well in the world. Apparently not so. It would appear that the keyboard files were of an unfinished version of the new swipe like stock keyboard app from Google. Google requested the AndroidPolice take down the hosted files, and they did. No one cared to mention that to us. So we are certain Google is probably either really mad at us, or just didn’t care about us small timers too much. Either way, we are respectfully pulling the files from our side as well to be in compliance with a request, even if one was never made directly to us. However, there is a new set of files out now that can be located HERE. They are directly from the LG Nexus 4 system dump that was recently put out. You will need to flash through recovery to install them. Remember, there are risks to trying them out and pay attention to software requirements for each file. New post with relevant information and other links can be found HERE.


All the news yesterday made our heads spin. We knew it wouldn’t take too long for some of the new features described in Android 4.2 to find their way over to other devices. The one we are really hoping gets modified up is the Photo Sphere ability in the new camera. That might be asking a little to much so early after the announcement. It does look like one of the new goodies is out in the wild though. The new swype style stock Android keyboard app is now available for just about anyone to install. It will depend on your device and a few other things though.

First off, you will need to be on Android 4.0+ to even think about installing it.

If you are utilizing a stock device by Samsung, HTC, Sony or any other number of manufacturers where the stock keyboard from Google is disabled, you should have no issue downloading the apk and installing like normal even without ROOT. It may also work on some stock built ROM’s but any straight build from Google is not going to work in this manner. You can always give it a shot, worst case scenario is it won’t install.

Download – Android 4.2 Keyboard APK

Now if it fails on you then you will need to flash the little zip file below instead. Of course that means you will need root and need to know how to flash a zip file. As a precaution, you should make a backup of the app just in case anything goes wrong or you absolutely hate it. You can also just make a backup of your whole ROM if you want.

Download – Android 4.2 Keyboard flashable ZIP 

Once you get it all installed and running, be sure to let us know how it compares to which ever keyboard app you already use daily, especially if that keyboard is Swype.

Original story and files from AndroidPolice


  • PJMAN2952

    I thought it was a keyboard from the Play Store :(

  • https://androidspin.com/author/simonnwalker/ Simon Walker

    Install this sucker its awesome. Works perfectly on galaxy note with CM10. Very cool how the word appears as you are swiping. Recommended.

  • Danicus

    This keyboard looks surprisingly similar to the stock keyboard that came with my Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747 AT&T). I of course rooted and flashed CyanogenMod 10 on it so I don’t have it anymore atm, but interesting that Samsung would include this keyboard as stock in their TouchWiz 5 Android 4.0.4 ICS-based release stock ROM. Maybe I’m just seeing the screenshots wrong, but that’s what it looks like from the picture.

    • rj

      What you’re thinking of is “swype” which Samsung has used for years but this is Googles own version.

  • http://perka.zapto.org Perka

    So why you need root to flash the zip? Only custom recovery needed on sgs3.

  • Christina Cooper

    So looks like the first link worked for me. Loving the new keyboard.

  • Zachdroid

    This KB is sick, I installed and am loving it. I have been die hard SwiftKey for the last 6 months or so, but I am going to run this for a while. Kudos on the find. I like.

  • https://en.gravatar.com/zachcoma zAcHcOmA

    Finally there’s a KB that can sway me away from my all time fave FlexT9. Sorry old friend, you’ve been upgraded.

  • Nick

    Works like a charm, flashed the zip file and am definitely replacing swype for this. Very fluent and a better looking UI. Im running a nightly of AOKP JB and have had no issues!

  • Roger Barnes

    It installed fine on my HP TouchPad running CM9. AMAZING! It’s running a bit slow on that hardware though, so I’m curious to see if a reboot will help.

  • patrcik

    how to install it? i already downloaded the zip file. i am using nexus 7 (4.1.2).

  • rahman