monster truck destructionI feel like there’s a real deficit of monster truck games these days. Surely there’s a huge market for people to just drive around destroying things, or is that just me? Regardless, ODD Games has answered my prayers and released Monster Truck Destruction on Android. It’s been on iOS for some time now, racking up over 1 million downloads, so you know it should be good. Check out their gameplay video below:

The game is proud to feature realistic truck physics as well as real-time damage to the trucks. The trucks in the game, 30 in total, are all licenced Monster Trucks, which is nice for all of you who keep track of these things.

The game looks like a great romp as you’d expect from a Monster Truck game with Freestyle and Drag Racing modes, as well as a healthy upgrade system that’ll help you upgrade your machine of car death. You can grab Monster Truck Destruction from Google Play for free, so if you’re interested, hit the Play Store links below.

Game: Monster Truck Destruction

Play Store Link

Price: Free

monster truck destruction

  • FILA

    gotta love the N64 graphics! I mean that

    • Henry

      The graphics are better than N64 – they’re on par with Dreamcast and early orignal Xbox/PS2 game era.

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    The graphics are better than N64 – they’re on par with Dreamcast and early orignal Xbox/PS2 game era

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