iglaze for galaxy s4As the poster boy of the Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been inundated with a plethora of accessories, not least of all an ever increasing number of choices for cases. How then do you choose a case for your more prized daily possession? It obviously all comes down to personal preference, so let’s check out the iGlaze for Galaxy S4 by Moshi and see if it tickles your fancy.

iglaze for galaxy s4

The iGlaze for Galaxy S4 is designed to be minimalistic, yet still protective while maintaining full accessibility to all the phone’s features. The iGlaze is a hard plastic shell case, and is available in Burgundy red, Pearl white, Graphite black and Crystal Clear, of which we have the last two on show here. Inside the box, you’ll get the iGlaze case, and if you get the case in Crystal Clear, you’ll also get a cleaning cloth and a protector for the rear surface of your Galaxy S4, presumably to stop scratching of both your phone and the case.

iglaze for galaxy s4

The iGlaze snaps on very easily, and while it will fit your phone perfectly with no movement inside the case, it’s almost too easy to put the case on; though if you’re one to keep removing and putting the case on again, you’ll find this case handy. The minimalistic design extends to all the different access areas of the phone: the hold button has more than enough room to be pressed as the case has been recessed around that area, and the same has been done for the volume and the micro USB input. This of course means that you have enough space to use the buttons as they were intended and not have to deal with trying to squeeze your finger into tiny gaps, but this recessing is probably the main reason the iGlaze fits as it does.

iglaze for galaxy s4The iGlaze is relatively thin compared to other cases, but it does cover all bases when it comes to coverage offering full back protection, as well as corner proofing, and the front is raised a little to protect from face-down adventures.What I do love about the iGlaze, particularly the Crystal Clear variant, is the fact that it’s clear. That might sound a bit daft, but most of us buy a phone because it looks good to us, but then quickly cover it up with a case. The clear case gives you that chance to still have the look of the phone you wanted as well as offering some protection.

iglaze for galaxy s4If you’re looking for a simple, no frills case that does what you want, namely protect your phone and make it look stylish, the iGlaze for Galaxy S4 could be the case you’re looking for. At MSRP $25 USD, the iGlaze is decently priced without breaking the bank, though it is a tad thin if you’re looking for heavy duty protection. For style though, the iGlaze may make you reconsider.

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iGlaze Slim Case for Galaxy S4 – $25

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