The Moto X sees a nice little price drop today on this Cyber Monday, and even though they had problems getting the page up this morning, it is now live. You can now grab yourself a Moto X off contract, using the Moto Maker, for just $350. That sounds rather tasty to me. We got word of this deal happening from Motorola last week, and it begged to ask the question; Nexus 5 or Moto X? It is a tough decision no doubt, but some people that are not exactly looking for power will most likely choose the Moto X simply because they can utilize the Moto Maker. So if you have been waiting for this day to arrive where you can design your own personal Moto X for a discounted price, go have some fun after you have clicked that link provided below. Let us know if you did.


  • FILA

    Maybe Moto should realize how many sales they would get for this phone at a steep discount then charge an arm and a leg for it on a normal day. They are sold out. There will be another 2 days however to order, Wednesday and next monday. Id love to make one if I had the extra money, however I think Ima hold out to the spring time. Maybe HTC will have another Google Edition flagship next year. That is if they get there hardware game together,