Chromecast Apps
Now that Google has opened up the Cast SDK for developers to start incorporating Chromecast support with their apps we should start to see more apps adding the functionality. Luckily, we are. A number of apps have recently been updated and include, or soon will include Support for the HDMI streaming stick.

  • Audior for Chromecast (Beta)
  • MovieBox
  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager
  • DailyMotion
  • Revision3
  • Dayframe (updated Feb-6-2014)
  • TicTacToe for Chromecast
  • YTMovies-lite (so says the description any ways)
  • YTMovies-Pro

Not yet, but it is coming

  • Mono – Now with Chromecast support (for beta testers only – request via email.
  • Absolute TWiT – Features held back from this release: * Chromecast when available in the UK
  • Telecast+ Online TV – Chromast support for this app is not yet available and will be coming soon
  • tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP cam – Features in development: Chromecast support
  • vGet (Stream, Download, DLNA) – Support for Chromecast will be added soon
  • Gallery Cast (Free) – ChromeCast support coming soon!
  • Vbukit for Chromecast – February 3 – Google released the SDK, but not the libraries for Android. 

There is also talks of Spotify and Rdio support on the way. Not sure when that is supposed to happen, but we will keep our eyes peeled.

We know that AllCast picked up support just hours after the SDK was released and has since received multiple updates fixing various little issues and tweaking.

What other apps have you seen that already, or are planning, Chromecast support? Let’s get a running list together.

Via GeektechandGadgets

  • bungadudu

    Great article!

  • xman1337

    Amazon prime streaming video would be nice!

  • circleclerk

    Media Browser has announced their forthcoming Chromecast support to stream local media to CC.

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  • Phil Miller

    Mono, the Android music app, has Chromecast support for casting YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, local audio files and artist images.