Google is loved and hated all across the globe. When a new product or service is launched we primarily see it only available in the U.S. for quite some time before it goes global. This is understandable due to legalities and regulations in other countries, but it is also very frustrating to those that live outside the U.S. Google’s Chromecast device is one of those magical little devices that people all over the globe want to get their hands on, but very few actually have the ability. In a recent Keynote speech from Sundar Pinchai at SXSW, he revealed that the Chromecast dongle will go on sale in “many more countries”.

Chromecast Apps
It isn’t surprising that it will be making it over the ocean to other lands, but the statement is about as vague as you can get. No specific country was mentioned nor was anything other than a few weeks noted for a time line. Google had mentioned that the Chromecast would be coming to the UK in the beginning of March, but it has failed to appear on the suggested retailers website, Curry’s. I suppose the beginning of a given month has a different meaning to those that say it. I personally think the first 7 days, where I have talked to others who say the fist 14. It was also rumored that it would be coming to Australia soon with extra content from Telstra.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for the Chromecasts release in overseas markets and let you know when it becomes available. Until then, check out the official apps that Google worked with, some of the ones we dug out a few weeks ago and for new ones.

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Source: TNW