Cyanogen Inc has a new logoBranding often has more meaning than they give off at first glance. That’s definitely the case as Cyanogen Inc has a new logo, which might instinctively looks like a fancy way to represent the “C” in “Cyanogen”. That logo actually has a very important meaning to Cyanogen Inc. as it represents the three tenants of its mission statement.

Cyanogen Inc has a new logoCustomization, Security and Open Source; it’s fairly abstract, but it’s interesting seeing that there’s some kind of logic behind it. For those of you had become fond of Cyanogen‘s original mascot, Cid, don’t worry; Cid is going to be hanging around to compliment Cyanogen Inc.’s company brand and to continue being the mascot for CyanogenMod‘s continued work in the community.

What do you think about the new logo? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments.

Source: Cyanogen via Phone Arena

  • djinn123

    I think I saw that logo before.. maybe in robocop (original)?

    • Stephen Yuen

      You must be referring to this @djinn123:disqus. Very similar indeed.

      • djinn123

        Yup, that’s the one. Not the same but similar. That’s why for some reason I felt something sinister about the logo. Haha!

        • Stephen Yuen


  • kstagg

    They should just ditch Cid altogether. This is much better. Also more consistent for the brand.

  • Robert Castles

    How do they make money?

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