Yes, another Sony announcement tied in with Verizon. Today the carrier has officially launched the Sony Xperia Z3v. Along with that release Verizon has also begun taking pre-orders for the Sony SmartWatch 3. The device is priced at $250 and is expected to ship October 30th.

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a bit different from the other current Android Wear offerings. Sony took more of a fitness / sporty approach to their offering. The display is removable and you can purchase various colored bands. It is water resistant to a degree, so are some of the others. The battery is the largest at 420 mAh and is rated for 2 days of continuous usage. It charges via a Micro USB port that is found on the backside. There are two aspects to the device that I personally find useful. It offers its own GPS chip allowing you to take a run and have it track your activity without needing a phone with you. Others have pedometers, 9 Axis and heart rate monitors.

In addition to the GPS chip, the recent release of an Android Wear update that can take advantage of it, you will also find offline music support too. This will allow you to not only leave your phone at home, but also your music player too.

Head over to to pre-order this new Android Wear device today. The Sony SmartWatch 3 will also be available on the Play Store. However, it is still listed as “coming soon”. I would image it will become available soon.

  • Charles Renick

    Can I use this sony smartwatch 3 for all kinds of sony mobile phones? Or just sony experia 3 only.