Looking for a new game to get sucked into for the weekend? Maybe you are in need of a GPS tracking app for your runs. Lucky for you then as Amazon has listed $105 worth of apps that you can grab for absolutely nothing. That’s right, a big old fat goose egg price tag on a slew of apps and games are listed in an App of the Day Bundle. In this round you will find games like Amazing Alex Premium, Plants vs. Zombies and Prince of Persia Classic.  On the app front you will find the usual Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker and Splashtop Whiteboard (Kindle Only).

Amazon free app of the day bundle

I am sure there is at least one or two apps or games in the list that you have been thinking about picking up. You do need the Amazon AppStore app installed on your Android device in order to pick up these freebies. The install process is pretty painless. You can grab it directly from Amazon and simply sideload it to your device. I find it much easier to be on a laptop or desktop and load up Amazon in a web browser and do the 1-click install on apps. It works similar to how the Google Play Store does and sends the download to the registered device.

Full deals app page can be found here. Don’t wait too long though as the offers will expire on April 19th.