While Android devices made and manufactured in China have a lot in common with their Western counterparts, a significant difference between the two is their different take on user interfaces. While the devices we know are based on stock Android with varying degrees of theming and modification, Chinese devices opt for a layout not dissimilar to iPhones, often referred to as MIUI. Oppo is one such company who uses this kind of user interface, but their ambition to eventually sell more devices globally has led them to start Project Spectrum which appears to be an effort to put an almost stock Android experience onto their Oppo Find 7. Check out a video of it in action below:

As you might be able to see, Oppo has tried to keep some of the better features that they’ve put into ColorOS, but retain the zippy, simple feel of stock Android, and to be honest, it’s a pretty good effort. No doubt an Android Marshmallow update is also in the Find 7’s future, and Project Spectrum is expected to reach other Oppo devices in the future as well.

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Source: Oppo via engadget