If you’re one of the people who have been pining for new emoji for the last few months, fear not, your wait may not be much longer. After promising that his team was working on new emoji for Android back in October, Senior Vice President of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has tweeted out that these new emoji are coming as soon as next week. Because the change actually requires new code within Android itself, these new emoji will be rolled out as part of a system update which will start rolling out to Nexus devices first, naturally.

What this does unfortunately mean for everybody that doesn’t have a Nexus device is that you are at the mercy of your OEM who will have to make their own changes before rolling out the update – and let’s not even get started on the carrier variants of devices. Presumably it’s just a small change, so some of you may get lucky as OEMs gear up to roll out their Android Marshmallow updates.

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Source: Twitter via Phandroid