The Chromecast Audio is a pretty nifty gadget – in case you’re not up to speed, it’s basically a Chromecast (same price too at $35 USD), but instead of streaming video to a TV, it streams music to a device via audio cable. With the advent of Bluetooth speakers, this might not seem that useful, but Google has just added a few features that is going to make the Chromecast Audio much more attractive. The update that has presumably started rolling out adds Hi-Res audio support – for those in the know, this means 96KHz/24bit lossless audio playback – as well as support for multiple Chromecast Audios in multiple rooms to be synced up to the one device a la Sonos-style.

While Hi-Res audio support is likely to make audiophiles happy, it’s the multiple device support that really has me impressed as it basically gives you a Sonos system without the cost (though the quality will depend on the speakers you plug it into). According to Google, to set up the multi-room streaming, all you need to do is use the Chromecast app to group the several Chromecast Audios together. Now if only Google would release the Chromecast Audio outside of the US…

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Source: Google Chrome Blog via engadget