Nintendo is about to start its official onslaught on mobile devices and its first act shall be Miitomo, a free-to-play pseudo-social game that features Nintendo’s trademark Mii avatars. The premise is presumably that you and your friends create your own avatars and use them to… do something or other – who really knows? Regardless, we’ll all be finding out exactly what this all entails next week on March 17th, although it will only be our friends over in Japan who will be able to get the app on their devices officially. Everyone else will have to wait a little bit longer.

For those who are keen to get access as soon as Miitomo goes live outside of Japan can still pre-register for Miitomo and it’s also a good idea to register for a Nintendo Account so that you have your own unique gamertag when the time comes. We can’t exactly say this is the greatest start for Nintendo on mobile – at least from a pure gaming perspective – but it’s clear Nintendo understands the difference between its console audience and the greater mobile audience. We’ll just have to see if it all pays off.

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Source: Twitter via engadget