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betwinner app apk download

Do you want to bet on your favorite sports teams whenever you want? With the betwinner app, you can! Just go to betwinner, and find the betwinner app link. This article will cover the android version (betwinner apk), but first, let’s cover the essential information.

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If this sounds like your kind of app, get the betwinner apk download and continue reading if you need any additional help.

Getting registered on the Betwinner mobile app – apk download

  1. After downloading the betwinner app android, you must either login or register before placing any bets.
  2. If you already have an account, select “Login” and fill in your account details. If you don’t have an account, you must choose “Register” instead.
  3. Before you can claim your welcome bonus (we’ll get onto that later), you will need to verify your account by clicking the link, which has either been emailed or texted to you. From here, you can choose between using your email or mobile number to create your account. Whichever you choose, you will need to give your name, country, and currency.

But, once all that is done, you are now a betwinner user and can add money to your account.

Adding money to your account Betwinner

  1. To use the betwinner apk free download, you first need to add money to your account. There isn’t a separate “betwinner cash app” for the financials; it’s all done on the same app.
  2. When you first open the app, look to the top left, where you will see a little green plus symbol. This symbol is for adding money to your account. You can use a bank card, voucher, e-wallet, mobile, ecoPayz, or crypto to pay.


  • To pay by bank card, you can choose between Visa or Mastercard, which have a minimum deposit of $1.
  • To pay with a voucher, it needs to be with “Jeton Cash”, and the minimum deposit you can make is $5.
  • The E-Wallets have a minimum of $1; your options are WebMoney, PerfectMoney, MuchBetter, Jeton Wallet, SticPay, AirTM, or AWD Pay.
  • The mobile option “LigdiCash” has a much lower minimum of $0.16. EcoPayz requires $6. And there are various crypto options, each with its own minimum deposit.

Whichever option you pick, you will need to select the amount you wish to transfer and fill in whichever details it asks you. This may be your email, bank number, or anything else.

Claiming your winnings in the app apk Betwinner

After playing on the betwinner mobile apk, you’ll probably want to take your money out of your account and spend it! Here is our little guide on taking your money out of the betwinner app download for android:

  • The first step is to select “Menu” from the bottom menu. You will see a little gear icon (settings) in the top right.
  • Click this, and at the top, you should see “banking,” under which are deposits and withdrawals.
  • Select withdrawals and pick how you want to take your money out.
  • You will need to say how much you want to take out and provide the necessary details.

Most e-wallets have a minimum withdrawal of $1.50, and so does the cash option. If you wish to withdraw with ecoPayz, it’s $12, and Payeer is $2.

But, once it’s out of your betwinner account, however, you took it out, it’s yours to spend on whatever you like.

Making your bets on the betwinner apk download free

The first step is to find the game you want to bet on, but we’ll cover that in the next section.

Once you’ve found the game, the next step is to decide what you want to bet on. On the betwinner apk download free, what you can bet on varies from sport to sport.

*For example, *with football, you can decide if you want both teams to score, the total number of red cards, the winner, the first goal scorer, and plenty of other possible outcomes. In tennis, you can bet on handicaps, scores, tiebreaks, etc.

Whatever your prediction, select the correct button and decide how much you wish to bet. The minimum amount is $0.30, and the maximum is $700. However, the payout depends on how much you’ve bet and the probability of that outcome.

How to find the right game in the app

There are several ways to find a game to bet on in the app Betwinner.

The most common will be if you have a favorite sports team/player. To find them, type their name in the search bar, and select the correct result. We all want our team to win as often as possible, which is why we recommend adding your favorite team/player to your favorites. So next time they play, you can go to your favorites instead of searching for them again.

But what if you don’t know which game to bet on and want to find it? *It’s simple:

  • On the “popular” page, select “All” at the top.
  • Then, go to “sports” and pick the one you want to bet on. The betwinner mobile app has loads of sports on which you can put your money. They have common ones like rugby, tennis, football, and racing. But they also have lesser-known sports such as Kabaddi, the first woman on the moon, trotting, and chess.
  • After selecting your sport, you’ll have to choose the league, then the game, and finally, you can bet on your predicted result.

Live betting with the betwinner app apk download

You may know of a game happening right now and want to place your bet before it finishes. With betwinner, you can make bets on live matches, which could be ideal for people watching along.

After selecting “popular”, select “all” again, but this time, do not press “Sports”. Instead, press “live”.

From here, the process is exactly the same. Select the sport, league, or game, and make your prediction.

You may want to bet on more than one game or more than one aspect of a game at a time. Doing this is easy; follow the above process until you get to the stage where you enter how much you wish to bet.

Instead of typing in a number and selecting “Bet,” select “Add to bet slip.” Do this for as many predictions as you want.

When you’re finished, go back to the opening page, and select “Bet slip” from the bottom menu betwinner apk. From here, you can place a single amount on all your predictions. Of course, the chances of winning are much lower, but the potential payout is significantly increased.

Casino with the betwinner application

Some people prefer to avoid betting on sports, but betwinner has a great casino. Are there separate betwinner apps for the casino and the sportsbook? Nope! It’s all available on the same app.

Select “Menu” from the bottom menu app betwinner, and towards the bottom, you will see three casino options. Slots, Live Casino, and Win Games:

  • If you want to play live, you can choose roulette, blackjack, monopoly, or baccarat. Although, please be aware that playing in the live casino will take you off the app and open your phone’s web browser.
  • If you’d rather stay within the app, “win games” gives you plenty of options. You can choose between slot games or card games. Should you choose card games, you can play solitaire, snap, hi-lo, and various other single-player card games.

Slot machines on the betwinner app – apk download

If you don’t want to play traditional tabletop games, you can also play slot machines- just as you would at a casino.

Slot machines are just brilliant. From “menu, pick “slots” and search for the one you want to play. All you need to do is spin the wheel and hope for the best. There is zero skill and zero knowledge required.

There are lots to pick from, ranging from the silly to the traditional to the creative. The only downside is that after selecting your game, you will be taken to your phone’s browser because all the slot games are provided by external companies.

Bet on eSports with Betwinner

We know some people aren’t too keen on eSports. They accuse eSports of being “not real sports”. After all, all it takes is people sitting down and pressing buttons.

The betwinner mobile app apk download doesn’t agree!

Esports still takes a tremendous amount of skill and attracts millions of punters worldwide. To find the game you wish to bet on, you have a few options:

  • If you want to see what’s popular, go to “menu” for a list of the games everyone is talking about.
  • But, if you already know what you want to bet on, go to “popular,” “all,” and pick the third option, “esports.”

You will need to select the video game, league, and game you want to bet on in apk. Then, choose your prediction, and stake your bet.

They have plenty of games to choose from, including angry birds, Mortal Kombat, Fifa, counter strike, Killer Instinct, and many others.

Watch the games live

On the betwinner new version of the app, you can watch some sports live. This means you can see the balls going into the net (or wherever they go in your sport). You can see the result of your bet live.

To access this option in apk betwinner

  1. Go to “menu” then “live.”
  2. At the top of this screen, you should see a little TV symbol with a play button in the middle. Select it. You may have noticed, at this stage, that many of the numbers next to the sports have gone down. This is because not all games are available to watch live.
  3. The first thing to pick is your sport, then the league, and finally the game. All you need to do from here is click the play button (which should be green) and the video will load.

Bet Constructor Betwinner APK

One of the great features of the Bet winner apps download is the “Bet Constructor.” There are two ways to interpret this.

Firstly, you can make multiple predictions with one bet. Find the game you want to bet on, but instead of entering an amount, select “add to bet slip”, which is at the top.

Once you’ve added everything you want onto the bet slip, go back to the home page, and click “bet slip.” From here, enter how much you’re willing to bet. The probability of winning is lower, but the payoff is higher.

There is another interpretation of “bet constructor”, which allows you to bet on imaginary matches. I know it sounds odd, but allow me to explain:

  • From the opening page, go to “Menu” on Betwinner apk (android).
  • From here, select “Other”.
  • Then scroll until you hit “Bet Constructor”. From here, you will see a list of tennis, football, and hockey matches. By every team/player is “add to team” click this option to decide if you want to add them to “Team one” or “team two.” Once you have all the players/teams you want on each team, press the big green “place bet” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Then select your prediction, enter your stake, and press “BET” on apk Betwinner. You can bet on all aspects; handicap, total, winner, etc.
  • The result will come from a combination of all the games your team members play in real life.

Betwinner bonuses

On the Betwinner apk latest version, you can play with no shortage of bonuses. We can’t go into great detail in this article, but here is a quick list of most of what you’ll need to know:

  • First deposit bonus. If your first deposit is up to $100, you can get a 100% bonus. So, if you place $30, you will have $60 to play with.
  • Free Spins in app apk Betwinner. Get free spins on selected slot games when you deposit at least $10 and verify your phone number.
  • Galaxy Wins. Enter a prize draw after depositing money.
  • Nil-Nil. Get your money back if the score is 0-0.
  • Big Match. Get a refund of up to ten dollars if you lose on selected games.
  • Birthday Bonus. On your birthday comes, you’ll get a promo code, giving you a fantastic discount.
  • Accumulator of the day on Betwinner app. Bet on their “selected accumulator”, and, should you win, your prize will increase by 10%.

Contacting customer support on the winner bet apk

If you have an issue, whether that’s problems with payments, or technical support, getting in touch with betwinner is relatively straightforward.

Go to “menu,” scroll down to the bottom, “customer support.” From here is a list of options about how you can contact customer support. You can text chat them, have them call you, call them, or look at the relevant email addresses.

The best email will depend on your problem. Issues relating to security should be for [email protected] and accounting problems should be sent to [email protected].

In which countries is Betwinner available

Betwinner is licensed with a Curacao gambling license. Only countries in which allow such a license is valid will let you play. So, the betwinner app india is fine, so is the betwinner nigeria app. However, you will not be able to bet in the EU, UK, the United States of America, or most Islamic countries. Singapore and Romania both allow curacao gambling licenses, although strangely enough, Curacao doesn’t.

Oddly, the Curacao government would issue licenses that aren’t valid within their own borders. And some may choose to avoid such websites for this reason. However, we can assure you that betwinner is a safe and secure bookmaker.

The good and bad of the Bet winner app

The Good

  • There are many games you can bet on.
  • It’s straightforward to use.
  • Some games you can watch live.
  • The casino Betwinner apk has lots of slot games.
  • There are lots of fantastic bonuses to claim.

The Bad Betwinner apk

  • Your chosen game might be challenging to find if it’s not too popular- this includes non-league teams.
  • The live streaming can be slow to load.
  • The casino has limited table games.
  • Most of the casino games take you off-app.

Сonclusion about Betwinner apk

Betwinner is a new mobile betting company with the best odds and the most features. Download now for Android!
Betwinner is a new bookmaker offering one of the best mobile apps in the market. Bet on your favorite sports, place bets, play casino games, or just enjoy our live betting coverage. Our app has all the features you need to bet on your:

  • Live Scoreboard
  • In-play Matches
  • The Latest News
  • Odds Comparison
  • Leaderboards

The Betwinner app offers everything you want from a bookmaker! Download now for Android!

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to set the type of rates in the betwinner app for android?

Obviously, you can't change the rates. The rates are decided by probability and can't be altered by betters. However, you can change how the odds are displayed. Go to menu, and click the little gear icon in the top right. Scroll down to - app settings, and go to : type of odds. You can choose between US, English, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, or Malay.

Can the language be set in the betwinner download?

No. The only language you can use is English. Although perhaps I'm wrong and I've just not been able to figure out how to change the language.

How do you view your previous bets?

Press the "History" button on the bottom menu Betwinner apk. Here, you can see all of your past bets. This might help you to decide when enough is enough. If you notice a long list of losing bets, it's time to put the betting on pause for a little while.

How do you use the bonus in the bet winner apk download?

That depends on which bonus you mean. Different bonuses will have different terms and conditions, but for now, let's focus on the Welcome Bonus Betwinner apk. To get this offer, you must sign up, fill in your information, and deposit at least $1. Although if you deposit more than $100, you will still only get a $100 bonus. So long as your email or phone number is verified, your welcome bonus will automatically be credited. You need to place a wager in at least 5 accumulator bets to use the bonus money. Each accumulator needs at least 3 events with specific odds. You cannot use this bonus with any other offer, and the terms are subject to change at any time.

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