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Launched in October 2008, AndroidSPIN was created by Simon Walker as the Android ROM Spreadsheet, a JPEG image of an Excel spreadsheet listing the available updates or ROMs for the T-Mobile G1 and the features those ROM’s provide. The spreadsheet was posted in the XDA Forums and immediately exploded in the Android community.

The spreadsheet was then re-launched on a dedicated site called “Just Android Builds (JAB)“. As more and more modifications released into the community, the list soon outgrew a spreadsheet and the information was moved into a database and a dynamic site was created to view the information.

In September 2009, AndroidSPIN was born and the content of JAB migrated to the new site and new philosophy;  The idea was to launch a site completely run by community members where almost anyone cold join and share what they had to say with the community.  In 2010 AndroidSPIN became more than a community blog and now has a dedicated team of full time employees and community members constantly sourcing news for anything Android related and is becoming one of the go to sites for anything Android.


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