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The fact you’ve clicked on this review probably suggests you’re thinking about downloading the 1win app. However, before you do, it might be worth reading through what I have to say, so you can better decide whether this app apk is right for you. But before we get into too much detail, a quick overview is in order.

Options 1Win app apk:

Appendix1Win apk
Version APK1.4.1
Size12.36 MB
LicenseCuraçao gaming license № 8048/JAZ 2018-040
LanguageIndian,Spanish, French, Azerbaijani, Italian, Brazilian, Ukraian, Uzbek, Polish, Turkish, Russian, …

Well, now you know the answer to “What is 1win app apk?”, let’s get started with some of the things you may wish to know.

How to register with the 1win bet app

When you first open the app, you can choose between “Sign Up” or “Login.” Of course, if you have an account already, you can just “Login.” But not to worry if you haven’t, just click “Register” instead.

The next step is deciding if you want to register with your phone or email address. Whichever you choose, you may need to verify it before you can play.
You will need to fill in your personal information, such as your name, email/phone number, and chosen currency.

Then tick the box that says “Agree with the user agreement”, and “Register”.

1win apk download latest version

How to make a deposit

On the 1win app apk, there are several methods you can use to make a deposit, but, we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

The first step is to click “Deposit”. This is located at the very top of the app- here’s a clue, it’s a green button. Next, select your method, and fill in your details, including how much you wish to deposit.

If you wish to add a minimum of $300, you can use PayTM, Airtel, UPI, PhonePe, or GPay.
For a minimum of $400, use Visa. For a $500 minimum, you can do a direct bank transfer. But the minimum is much higher if you wish to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether (all cryptocurrencies).

Most of 1win’s customers will use the Indian Rupee – hence when this review uses it. But other acceptable forms of currency include the United States Dollar, Ukrainian hryvnia, Euros, and Russian Ruble. But don’t be fooled; most of the EU and the USA will not allow 1win as it’s licensed by Curacao.

How to claim your welcome bonus in APK

1win apk lots of fantastic perks. But, the one many of you may be interested in is their welcome bonus. After you download 1win app, you can get a 500% first deposit bonus; this is significantly better than most other betting apps.

To use this bonus, you only need to make a deposit. So long as it’s at most $220, you will have 5 times your deposit to play with. The only catch is that any event you bet on needs to have an odds of at least 3.

It’s not just their welcome bonus; 1win also offers casino cashback. You can get back up to 30% of your money in their casino. Ideal for those who aren’t too interested in sports.

You may become lucky enough to get their leaderboard bonus if you’re active enough. 1Win likes to reward loyalty. So, the members who spend the most with them can win extra rewards, which they can use to bet on even more sports! And getting on the leadership board is easier than you might think. For example, you must receive less than $3000 in bonus points to become a bronze on the board. And to be a diamond, you need to have spent more than $10,000 on bets.

And finally, because it’s the world cup, they also have a brilliant selection of limited-time bonuses. These bonuses are related to the world cup to help you win even more when your favorite teams or players do well.

How to withdraw money in app

Once you’ve won or just had enough, it’s time to take your money out of your 1win account and back into your bank. To withdraw, open your account settings first by clicking the little person symbol at the top of the app. At the top of this section, you will see a little box that says “Withdrawal.”

The withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit methods. What is 1win app minimum withdrawal depends on your chosen method. However, most of them will have a minimum of between $400 and $2000.
Pick your withdrawal method, choose how much to take out (and which currency), and then confirm. Our advice is simple: whatever you used to put money into the account is the same method you should use to take it out.

How to place bets in the 1Win app android

1win app download for android

Of course, if you’re using an app such as 1win, it only makes sense that you want to place a few bets on sports.
For some, this means betting on whichever game is popular. At the time of my writing this, that would include some of the world cup games. But, you might have a favorite team or sports player who you wish to show your support by betting money that they’ll do well in a game. No matter why you’re betting, the process is precisely the same:

  1. First, open the sports menu to pick which sport you would like to bet on. As with most betting sites, 1win has an excellent selection of regular sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and horse racing. But they also have slightly more obscure ones, such as chess or polo. You can bet on whatever you wish.
  2. Once you’ve chosen your sport, pick the league. You may want to bet in a particular league, or you may wish to select whichever league your favorite team/sports player is currently playing in.
  3. Then choose your prediction. The prediction possibilities depend on the sport. For some, such as football, you can bet on all sorts of outcomes; the total number of corners, the first team to score, number of assists from a particular player. For other sports, you’re more limiting- will it be player one, player two, or a draw?
  4. Once you’ve made your prediction, most people will decide their stake and press “Place Bet.” However, you could also press “Add to bet slip.” Once you’ve done that for all your predictions across everything you want to bet on, go to the homepage to open your bet slip and place a single stake across everything.

As unlikely as you are for all your bets to come true, you could win a lot of money if they do.

Live betting with the 1win apk

Sometimes, you want to avoid having to place your bets in advance. Whether you want the excitement of betting during a game or you didn’t know a game was planned, many like to place bets during the games.

With the 1win apk android, you can place your money on live games. Much like with regular sports betting, there is a section on the app dedicated to “Live” games. Enter this section, and the process is similar to the one just described.

Select your sport, league, and game. You will find fewer games in the “Live” section than in the “Sports” because it only includes games happening right now.

On some live games, you might even see a little tv symbol. If you click this and wait for the video to load, not only can you bet on games as they happen, but you can also watch them. How cool is that!

Is there a 1win casino app

Believe it or not, not everyone with the 1win app download is a sports fan. Because as well as betting on sports, the app also has a little casino.

Like most sports betting apps, the casino mainly consists of slot games. These games are pleasant and straightforward; they require no skill or special knowledge. All you need to do is pull the lever and hope for the best. Think of it like sports betting, but where you have no idea how good either team is.

If slot games aren’t your thing, they also have a limited selection of table games, such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. However, because 1win isn’t a casino, expect to find fewer variations of each game as you perhaps would on some other apps.

1win also has links to a few live games. However, these games open in another browser- they are not provided by 1win but by external companies across several other betting platforms.

Poker on the 1win apk download

One of the many card games that 1win android users may wish to play is poker. The game where you put your cards on the table and hope for the best. Unlike face-to-face poker, you don’t need to practice your poker face.

On 1win, there is an excellent little selection of non-live versions of poker. This includes:

  • Joker Poker,
  • Texas Hold Em,
  • Video Poker,
  • Three Card Poker,
  • traditional poker.

But, if you’d rather play live, there are a couple you can play.

However, on 1win, all the live poker will take you to a webpage.

Watch games live in the app

We’ve already spoken about this in the “Live Games” part of this review. But, if you skipped past that, we’ll mention it again.

Yes, 1win does allow you to watch some games live. You can see what’s happening as it’s happening. First, go to the “Live” section of the app, and find the game you want by selecting the sport, league, and game.

If you see a little TV symbol, click it, and a live video will play of the game.

1win bet apk technical support

No betting app is immune from issues. No matter how good an app is, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. Whether it fails to load, money doesn’t transfer, or your chosen game doesn’t load.

If this happens, you can contact 1win by emailing [email protected]. If you’re looking for the 1win app customer care number, it’s +7 (495) 088 88 99.

Just let them know your problem, and they can solve it.

How to update to 1win apk latest version

As with most other apps, 1win updates theirs constantly. So, the 1win apk 2022 is slightly different from the latest version in 2021. If you downloaded the app from the Google Play store, simply search it up on Google Play and press “Update.” ‘

But, if you downloaded the apk file, you will need to go back to 1win and get the 1win apk download latest version. We recommend deleting the old version from your phone first to avoid your phone becoming confused.

In which countries is 1win apk legal

We understand that our readers come from all over the globe. We’re sure lots of you will have lots of questions about this. Is there a 1win cote d’ivoire apk? How about a 1win Africa apk? Or a 1win app India?

The answer is simple. If your country allows curacao gambling licenses, then 1win is legal. And yes, this means that the 1win app is legal in India.

Unfortunately, 1win is not legal in most of the EU, the UK, the USA, or Curacao. If you’re considering playing while on holiday, double-check that your host country allows curacao gambling licenses.

Pros and cons of the 1win app download for android

No betting app is perfect. Take a look at our list of 1win’s pros and cons, and come to your own conclusion about whether or not this app is worth downloading.

Pros of the apk app

  • You can pay in Crypto Currency. Although there aren’t as many crypto options as other betting apps, allowing users to use cryptocurrency might benefit people who want to keep their gambling habit a secret.
  • Using the 1win app is incredibly simple. It’s simple to register and navigate. You don’t need to worry if you’re not a technical wizard. You probably don’t even need to read this.
  • Low system requirements. Some apps take up a lot of storage on your phone, but not 1win. Considering how much they offer, it’s remarkable how little space it takes on your phone.
  • Liver Broadcasts. Although not all games have live broadcasts, the fact that some of them do makes 1win slightly better than some other apps.
  • It will run on any (android) phone. So long as your phone is an android, you can use the 1win app. Unless you live in a country that doesn’t allow you to.

Cons of the apk app

  • No external audits. This means the company is entirely self-regulated. While that can have benefits, it also means there is nobody to ensure they are following trading standards. Nor is there a lot of help if you develop a gambling addiction.
  • Limited countries. As mentioned, only countries with a curacao gambling license can let people play on 1win. So, if you live in, say, the UK or USA, we’re afraid you won’t be able to bet with this bookmaker.
  • The help desk doesn’t speak Hindi. Most of 1win’s customers will likely be Indian. Unfortunately, you will need to speak English if you have an issue since their helpdesk does not know Hindi.

Common questions about the 1win download apk

Can I download the 1win app download apk for free?

Yes, you can. If you can't find it on Google play, go to 1win and press "Download" to get the apk file free of charge. However, the download is the ONLY thing that's free. If you want to place a bet, as you can imagine, they will charge you for it.

How do I login to the 1Win app?

When you first open the 1win bet apk download, the welcome screen will give you the option to either login or register. If you already have an account, press login. Then, enter your username, email, phone number, your password and Login. That's it.

Can I register with 1win through the app?

Yes, you can! If you don't have an account yet, press - Register, when you open the app for the first time. From here, you will need to fill in your details, such as your name, where you're from, phone, email, and chosen currency. Once you've verified your phone or email, you're good to go and can start placing bets.

Are there any special bonuses for installing the application on my phone?

Unfortunately not. Although 1win does have a fantastic selection of deals and bonuses, particularly their welcome bonus, the bonuses are the same, regardless of whether you play via the app or from 1win.

Why can't I install the app on android (apk)?

There are several reasons why this may be the case. Firstly, you may have set your phone to not allow apps from anywhere other than the official Google Play Store. To change this, go to Settings, Apps and Notifications, Special app access, Install unknown apps, select your web browser, and switch on - Allow from this source. If that doesn't work, perhaps your country doesn't allow curacao-licensed online casinos. In that case, unfortunately, you will not be able to play on the 1win betting app.

How do I download the 1win app apk in Kenya?

Go to 1win on your smartphone. Find - Download for Android, by selecting - Download the 1win apk file, and scrolling down to the android banner. Install the app, ensuring you have allowed setting from your browser.

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