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Mbet Application Review: The Mbet app, also known as the m bet apk, is the official application for the Tanzania-based betting site “mbet.” Before you get the mbet app download, we recommend reading through this article. In our honest opinion, this app M-bet is not great, and plenty of much better apps are available. But nonetheless, we shall look through its features in detail to help you understand why we disapprove.

But, before we get onto that, let’s start by looking at the essential information. Please note that the info in the table below is about the Mbet PLUS app. We’ll discuss the Mbet classic later in this article.

AppendixM-Bet Plus
Version APK M-Bet2.2.2 build 15
LicenseGaming Board of Tanzania
Compatibility Android
LanguageEnglish, Swahili

Instructions: How to download M-Bet APK

If you want to get hold of the mbet tz download, you will need access to an internet browser. Most mobile phones have this feature

The first step is to go to site m-bet / section “app”. This takes you to the page that allows you to download the apk file. You will get the choice between downloading Mbet Classic or Mbet plus. We would recommend plus, as it has more features than the classic.

In some cases, to get the m-bet download app, you will need to alter your phone’s settings to download apps from your browser. Some phones do not allow you to download from anywhere other than the Google Play Store due to safety concerns.

However, although we would not recommend Mbet, it is a safe application. So, if your phone displays a message that says, “This application may be harmful,” select “Download anyway.”

What came before the M-bet plus app

A couple of years ago, if you wanted to download m-bet, the only option was Mbet classic. This version can be best described as a “Minimum Viable Product.” It had most of the features that people would expect from a betting app; however, compared to m bet plus apk, it did not have anywhere near as many features, and the layout was ugly and confusing.

However, there is something strange. Usually, when an application is improved, those with the older version can “upgrade” to the newer version. So, why has Mbet created an entirely new application?

Some older Android phones do not have the capacity or the capability to hold the Mbet plus app. Therefore, they have kept the m bet old version alive for customers with older phones.

The Plus version of the mbet apk free download is significantly better. If you wish to download m bet apk for android, we recommend getting the Plus if your phone is capable of having it.

Is there a lite version of the Mbet apk

After installing the mbet download app for Android, you may become curious about whether the full version is the only version.

We’re afraid it is. There are no ‘Lite’ m-bet app downloads. It’s the full version or no version. Although ‘Lite’ apps can be advantageous, as they take up less room on your device, only a few betting apps have them.

How to register on the m bet app. And how to login

You can use the mbet website or the app to register your account. If you register on the website M-Bet, click “Join now and win” at the top of the page. If you prefer to register on the app, click “Register.”

During the registration process for the m bet download apk, you will be asked for details such as your name, location, and email address.

However you choose to register, the login process for the m-bet apk download is exactly the same. Open the app, tap “Login,” enter your email and password, and you’re almost ready to play!

How to deposit after you download Mbet apk for Android

Before reading this section, please note that the information only applies to the Plus version. It does not necessarily also apply to the m-bet app classic.

When adding money to a betting app, m bet does not offer as many money options as other apps. You can only pay via the following:

  • MobilePayment systems on M-bet;
  • MPESA;
  • Vodacom;
  • AirTel:
  • HaloTel on Mbet.

To add money to your account, go to the M-bet “Deposit” section, and follow the instructions for your chosen method. These instructions will usually involve texting a code to a certain number.

If you wish to pay via MPESA, you can make a “Quick Deposit.” Go to M-bet “Menu,” “Quick Deposit,” then enter the amount you wish to deposit and your pin.

Unlike most other betting apps, you cannot deposit with a Credit/Debit Card, an online wallet, a bank transaction, or cryptocurrency. The only way to pay is via your mobile phone.

Is there a welcome bonus for the Mbet new app

Once you get the m bet plus download, you may wonder what welcome bonus you’re entitled to. We’re afraid the answer is none.

Whether you have the classic or the mbet plus apk (M-bet). There is no welcome bonus for you to claim. But that should mean there are other bonuses to claim. Right? Wrong!

Mbet does not offer any bonuses to any of its users.

How to make your first bet with the M-bet plus apk

Once you’ve made your deposit with the m-bet app apk download Tanzania, it’s time to make a bet. Perhaps you have a favourite team you want to win, or you want to bet on whatever is popular.

Betting on the app mbet works very strangely. On most apps, you select the game first and then what you wish to bet on. On Mbet, it’s the other way around. You first decide what you want to bet on.

For example, “Both teams to score,” “Full-time result,” etc. Once you’ve selected, you can then select the league and game you wish to bet on.

Then, enter how much you wish to bet, and select your payment method. If you made a deposit earlier, you could choose “Mbet Wallet.” But, if you haven’t, you can pay directly using any of the aforementioned mobile payment methods.

This method of selecting your bet is clunky, overly complex, and slightly confusing.

Other features of the M bet apk free download

If you don’t wish to make sports bets, you can use the mbet app apk to play in the casino section of the app. This casino is remarkably similar to most other sports betting app casinos, mostly slot games but a few simple card games such as baccarat.

Mbet offers a tote betting feature called “Perfect 12”.** Participants predict the results of 12 selected football matches. And the prize fund will be from the other participants in the scheme.

However, the m-bet download apk is lacking features that have now become commonplace on almost all other betting apps. Features such as live betting and broadcasting are unavailable.

Mbet download: Technical support

If you need help with the m bet app download and need help finding the solution, you are always free to speak to a tech support team member.

If the issue is urgent, you should call them on 0768988790, this phone line operates 24 hours a day-7 days a week.

However, if your problem with the m-bet tz download is not urgent, you can email them at [email protected] and get a reply within 24 hours.

How to update the M-bet app

Because the m-bet app download apk is not available on Google Play, the only way to update m bet is to uninstall the application and then reinstall it.

After removing the older m bet application, go to: m-bet site / app, on your mobile phone’s browser, and select to download either the classic or the Plus. Although Plus is better, not all devices can download the mbet download file for mbet plus.

After downloading, you can use the newest version of the m-bet download Tanzania.

What can be improved, and what’s good about the m-bet tz app

Pros M-bet:
Starting with a list of pros, the m-bet plus app download has a competent technical team who can help customers with whatever issue they face. Those who download the m bet app for Android will always have the help they need.

Cons M-bet:
However, the mbet app download for android apk also has plenty of cons, which we have listed a select few of below:

  • With the mbet app download apk, the only sport you can bet on is football. Suppose you wish to bet on Tennis, Basketball, Horse Racing, or anything other than football (Or soccer, as the Americans say). In that case, you will need to use a different betting app.
  • You must pick what to bet on before selecting who to bet on. For example, if you want to bet that the Final Score in the Manchester V Newcastle game will be 2:1. On most betting sites, you would select the game, then “Final Score,” then type in your selection. However, with Mbet, you need to select “Final Score” and then select the game.
  • The Mbet payment system is very odd. Online wallets, cards, or crypto are not accepted. The only way to add money to your wallet is via mobile phone.
  • The layout is ugly and confusing. The M-bet app design is clunky and difficult to follow.
  • There is no live streaming or live matches. So you can neither watch nor bet on a game as it plays out live.
  • Casino games M-bet are far more limited than they are on most other betting apps.
  • M-bet plus app download does not offer support to those with a gambling addiction.
  • There is no welcome bonus Mbet or any other kind of bonus.

In which countries is the mbet apk download available

The mbet app download is registered with the Gaming Board of Tanzania. Thus, any country that allows Tanzanian gambling licences should enable its people to use the mbet download app.

Because M-Bet is licensed with the Tanzanian government, the only countries it’s allowed are Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Mbet Zambia. Since these governments all see a Tanzanian gambling licence as valid.

Unfortunately, you cannot play m-bet in Turkey, Jamaica, India, or Nigeria.

Our final conclusion on the m bet app apk download

As you can see from the review you’ve just read, we would not recommend getting the m-bet app apk download tz. By almost every metric, this app fails where most others commonly succeed.

The only sport you can bet on is football. The payment system is bizarre. How you bet works differently. The layout is confusing. There is no live streaming or live betting.

If you download m bet apk, you will likely be disappointed. There are plenty of other apps which are much better.

M-bet apk Q&A

Why can't I download the mbet apk on Android?

If you're trying to download the Mbet Plus, you will need a newer version of Android. If your phone is incompatible, you must make do with Mbet classic.

What taxes should I pay for winning on the m bet apk download?

Since 2022, the Tanzanian government has required a 10% tax on all winnings from betting. Therefore, 10% of your winnings will be deducted. However, don't worry, as Mbet will make this deduction for you. According to the law, you will be taxed 0% if your winnings are less than your wagered amount. The Tanzanian government probably introduced this measure to dissuade people from gambling, as it can cause severe mental health issues.

How do I download app m bet in Turkey?

If you wish to download the mbet app in Turkey, the process is the same as anywhere else in the world. Go to m-bet site, app, and select either Classic Mbet or Plus M-bet to download the apk file onto your phone. However, you will need a Zambian, Congolese, Tanzanian, or Ugandan phone number to register. We would recommend waiting until you're in a country that allows m-bet before downloading.

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